A reliable and trustworthy voice in the online magazine world, Temp Zine covers the latest stories and engages in thought-provoking conversations about trends, style, lifestyle, art, culture and so on!

We are a web-zine focussing on fashion and lifestyle letting the readers aware and understand the various aspects, the know-how and industry insights of fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector of India.

We explore news, views, opinion pieces, articles, features, columns with some bonus points of strong reading content. Well, we are more than the typical magazines that are around.

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Our magazine primarily focusses on the hub of luxury, inspirations behind independent brands, the innovative and technological fuels in the lifestyle sector and of course, your opinions, expressions matter to us. Hence, we have an exclusive arena that discusses your views, thoughts about the various episodes around.

We review hospitality groups based on  accommodation, architecture, service, décor and recreational activities; F&B organisations based on menu, taste, ambience, decor and service; Skincare/Cosmetics based on packaging, texture, results

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