Qbik by designer duo Vrinda Sachdev and Gurinder Singh with their exquisite designs and craftsmanship tells us how to cherish all of life’s small but beautiful moments through their new collection.

With the festive and wedding season on the block, fashion aficionados are now looking for designs inspired from people’s lives, places and culture. Along with impeccable craftsmanship and novel silhouettes, brides and grooms have their choices on for functional or versatile clothing that would serve a bigger purpose in their wardrobes. Keeping in mind the finesse of minimal, light festive ensembles, ‘Qbik’ by designer duo Vrinda Sachdev and Gurinder Singh brings an intimate festive collection ‘Ehsaas’ that celebrates the joys of a life lived.

Ehsaas By Qbik

The designer duo launched their label way back in 2011 with the brand’s commitment to rendering timeless designs and versatile traditional wear for all of its patrons staying intact. In the hope to bring light and be a part of joyous occasions, Ehsaas was launched. Vrinda adds, “Where all of us were in the middle of a pandemic, working on a collection was challenging but the end result brightened up everything. It not only inspired us during the difficult times but also our audiences I feel. Culturally our country bonds over festivals and weddings, this collection came into play at the right time.”

This curation of flattering and easy-going silhouettes includes refreshing hues like aqua blue, light fuchsia pink, mint green, lavender and pistachio green. “The collection came into play at the right time – where there is a shift in the regular wedding setups and everyone is moving towards more intimate and minimal gatherings. This collection was made keeping in mind light and wearable outfits. The collection is ideal for cheery day functions and intimate weddings for the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen”, says designer Vrinda.

Ehsaas By Qbik

Ehsaas sparks the mood of a quaint and breezy wedding collection. “The inspiration behind the collection was to celebrate all of life’s small but beautiful moments, freedom, nature, love. The collection is ideal for cheery day functions and intimate weddings for the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen,” she adds. The ensembles with bespoke resham latkans, Hyderabadi gota bring a refreshing element of quirk to each ensemble. Pearl, mutli-colour threads, opaque Rajasthani stones, light colour Swarovski stones bestow just enough drama and glamour; rose-gold and light-gold dapka and zari, a variety of sequins, small mirrors, kutdana and nalki are used in the geometric and floral artwork of the blouses and waist belts. The designs remain aligned to the likes of classic Indian wear with a modern spin through floral printed organza, batik dyed summer silks and multi-colour ikat prints.

“While the scale will, of course, be smaller – the bride, groom and their immediate families will still wear beautiful clothes to make wonderful memories. We can expect more functional, versatile or multi-purpose clothing to take a bigger space in fashion.” Vrinda’s design philosophy has always been about celebrating femininity with engineered floral motifs that merges with geometric embellishments while Gurinder on the other hand, looks to highlight novel silhouettes across the spectrum of menswear and groomswear. The asymmetric cuts and drapes of the nehru jackets and kurtas are highlighted by the print-on-print concept in the men’s collection. Teamed with straight fit pants, the pieces have an indo-western look and feel. Intricately hand-embroidered brooches lined with metal also highlight the drapes of the men’s kurtas which are clean and well-constructed.


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Where the world is still adjusting to, trying to navigate in a sense and make peace with the current situation, a lot has been said about the fashion industry. Vrinda believes that several questions pertaining to the future of the industry – consumption levels, production operations and whether we even need fashion in the grand scheme of things need to be navigated well. “Most importantly, the artisan who works to create the beautiful outfit that we admire needs to be fairly remunerated for the time and hard work. Also, the most prominent observation of all time which still needs to be fixed is the use of sustainable practices and materials.”

Ehsaas By Qbik
Ehsaas By Qbik

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