The new collaboration line of Ajmal Perfumes imbibe notes of wanderlust and this is sure a win-win choice for all perfume lovers.

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(Ajmal Perfumes Review)

What would you call the most powerful accent that completes your look, or your mood? Fragrances and perfumes have no limit when it comes to delighting the senses with alluring scents. Sometimes you just catch a mysterious whiff that may remind you of your past lover or it could be a sweet scent of liberty. 

A classic chapter in the Indian fragrance market is incomplete without Ajmal Perfumes. A homegrown brand that has been around for ages coming at a premium price has now launched a line of 16 fragrances and body mists in collaboration with House of Anita Dongre labels – AND and Global Desi Women. 

It’s no wonder that this collaborative line could leave anyone wanting more. Trying out the AND’s range of perfumes, exclusively for women come with a refined blend of scents. With both Eau de parfums and body mists – each category comes with four diverse scents that beautifully evoke the timeless joys of womanhood composed of rare and intricate ingredients. We tried the “Ethereal Dreamer” from the perfume section and “Pretty Vogue” from the mists section. The Ajmal Perfumes with high street prices focus on emotions and moods, of course, we had to give the latest drop a go. 

Here’s our Ajmal Perfumes Review

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Ajmal Perfumes Review - Ajmal Perfumes X Global Desi, AND Review

Eau De Parfum – Ethereal Dreamer (Ajmal Perfumes Review)

To be honest, I am no fragrance connoisseur here but a great scent just stays with me always, until another extraordinary pick comes in the way. This is why I always go for something citrusy; you just can’t go wrong. Ethereal Dreamer is that safe pick – sweet florals, fresh citrus that you want to spritz all over at once. 

At first spritz, the floral notes are lush and faintly sweet that encompasses together for something warm yet easy-going. The notes are a perfect mix of light sweetness that balances the scent nicely. Something about it feels very nostalgic to me and how it opens up in layers – bergamot, lemon sets a tantalising whiff while it settles down, the notes of jasmine creates a longing scent of nostalgia. The alchemy of contrasts makes a mystical and tropical warmth. Overall, it’s a vibrant citrusy, floral fragrance making it perfect to embrace the rich warmth of the autumn. If you’re in the market for a classic floral-citrusy scent, this one’s a winner.

The packaging and bottle are rather divine and for an affordable price, it feels so luxe on a reasonable budget. I sprayed this in the morning and could still smell it on my skin later, but clung to my clothes for a lot longer. Like, classic movies where you smell the clothes and it just takes you to a distant garden. It’s a steal for fresh floral and who genuinely want to smell like “freshly squeezed grapefruit and lime” fragrance obsessives. 

Ajmal Perfumes Review - Ajmal Perfumes X Global Desi, AND Review

Body Mist – Pretty Vogue (Ajmal Perfumes Review)

This is that body mist that I need to wear every day and even feel incomplete without it. I have to admit that when I picked this body mist, I assumed the scent would be warm and fruity. But it turns out that it’s the exact opposite. The blue bottle is fresh and cool; it smells more like a deep aftershave in a good manner than a light summery spritz. 

The mist comes with plum blossom, bamboo water as its top notes; ginger, pink magnolia as middle and amber, musk as base notes. There is something about the woody notes in this mist that evoke memories of a long vacation offshore and the vast blue expanse. After the scent settles down, it gives off a whiff that would remind you of a headstrong, empowered voyager taking you into a thoroughly sweet experience. 

The packaging is simple that reminds you of any typical body mist bottle but this perfume will definitely last you a while. The fragrance changes to a notably more subtle scent throughout the day, but it was still really lovely and interesting. At an affordable cost, it allows you to smell super fancy on a budget, which is a win in everyone’s book.

Ajmal Perfumes Review - Ajmal Perfumes X Global Desi, AND Review

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These special Ajmal Perfumes are available across India in all AND & Global Desi exclusive stores, brand websites –,, Price points for EDP of 100 ml are for INR 1800 and for 50ml is INR 1200 whereas Body Mists, 200 ml is for INR 400.

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