The renowned Japanese skincare brand – Biore was finally launched in India sometime back with their iconic makeup remover range. Did they manage to give the makeup removing process an innovative approach? Biore Makeup Remover Review

With the start of the pandemic, none of us thought that makeup would still remain an essential part of our lives. Cut to a year later still in a pandemic, the interest and sale of varied options in lipstick, eye makeup products, dramatic highlighters still have found their way to our vanity boxes. Although we have pitched our love for makeup in hue and cry, another close associate of it is having refreshed and cleansed skin.

For some time, India did lack the essentials of a makeup cleansing regime. Well, the stakes of living without hints of makeup and a proper skincare routine are very high. We are craving for a middle ground that would work the magic to remove makeup but also take care of that delicate skin completely.

Filling that void of the Indian beauty industry, new Japanese brands with their star-action cleansing methods focused on the ideals of ‘joy to bare skin’ with its sensory and unique offerings. Hence, it was time for renowned Japanese brand Bioré to fill the Indian shelves with makeup cleansers that cared for the skin while removing stubborn makeup.

While you may feel tired to remove your makeup, skipping this essential step is your skin’s loss. Makeup removal has been an indispensable part of any beauty and skincare regime and the Indian market desired to have the right products that would make this task a breeze. Hence, the most recent entrant into India’s burgeoning beauty space was Biore’s signature, easy-to-apply makeup remover range comprising of four products – Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil, Makeup Remover Moisture Cleansing liquid, Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Wash Foam and Cotton Facial Sheets – the best for what the brand is known for! 

Biore Makeup Remover Review (Range) - we review this new Japanese beauty range launch in India

The products are said to leave your skin cleansed and hydrated. If you’re at a loss on what to get, our personal experience with them could give you the cue if they deserve a place on your shelves.

Cleansing Action & More – Biore Makeup Remover Review

The products in the range except the cleansing cotton facial sheets come in an easy coloured, plastic bottle with a pump-like dispenser. Moreover, the dispenser also comes with a locked facility too, making sure that it doesn’t spill around when you’re travelling with this essential. They dispense an adequate amount of the product easily. Overall, the products come in regular, easy to use bottles. The cleansing wipes come in a handy pack containing 10 wipes in a single packet.  

Bioré Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil

Giving access to beauty’s latest trend, oil cleansing, contrary to your usual face cleansing practice, the oil cleansing method is a more natural skincare approach. Starting with this cleanser, I tested it on my full-glam face. The consistency is thick but doesn’t go beyond like any other oil. I applied it with dry hands and it’s marvellous how your skin doesn’t require vigorous scrubbing with this cleanser rather your makeup just dissolves with ease. Having combination skin, I have been sceptical about using anything that’s heavy, with oil or makes my face greasy but this cleanser changes the notion.

Biore Makeup Remover Review (Range) - we review this new Japanese beauty range launch in India

Bioré Makeup Remover Moisture Cleansing Liquid

This is another cleanser launched by Biore formulated with moisturising serum. This water-based cleanser is actually supposed to be more hydrating. This has a jelly-like texture that’s considerably thicker than the cleansing oil. It somewhat weighed down on my skin, giving way to inflamed sensations. Similarly, I tested on my face when it was fully done on makeup. Like a typical cleansing oil, it doesn’t emulsify. The texture feels nice and moist but I wouldn’t say it added a ton of hydration or moisture after rinsing off.

Bioré Makeup Remover Cleansing Wash Foam

This has got to be my favourite of the range, so far. Finding the right foaming wash without going on trials is like a dream and this product fulfils it. Since it’s foam-based, just a gentle amount does great work. It suited my combination skin in just one go. Although it is said for makeup removal, I have been using it as part of my daily regime, giving way to cleansed face easily. The foam consistency is light, soft and can be easily moved in circles, covering every nook of your face. It’s a good, one-step process for refreshed and cleansed skin.

Biore Makeup Remover Review (Range) - we review this new Japanese beauty range launch in India

Bioré Makeup Remover Cleansing Cotton Facial Sheets

These wipes come in a simple, pastel-coloured packet with a re-sealable opening at the centre. These facial sheets are also easy to use. One swipe and your makeup is off! The sheets come having cleansing oil and despite swiping your face with it, it isn’t harsh to the skin but actually hydrates it more, thanks to the soft and ‘feel-good’ cotton used. On using them, they even had a mild, refreshing scent. This is a small, travel-sized packaging, which is handy and occupies very little space.

Our Final Thoughts – Biore Makeup Remover Review

Japanese skincare has always been about minimal efforts yet bestowing you with remarkable results. Biore offers you a minimal manner of cleansing your skin post makeup and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon. The products I enjoyed the most would be the cleansing oil, foaming cleanser and cleansing sheets.

Cleansing oil is a good choice for helping to cut through the oils in your makeup, sunscreen, and those on your skin. Biore’s cleansing oil didn’t weigh down on my skin and as for someone who has combination skin with quite an oily T-zone, I know the concept of slathering on any oil-based products could be a nightmare except with this cleanser. It really does a deep cleansing action but leaves no greasy film behind. It swiftly emulsifies the makeup and takes away with it, so don’t worry you won’t be needing to keep scrubbing your face hard. The skin turned softer and with no side effects too. 

Biore Makeup Remover Review (Range) - we review this new Japanese beauty range launch in India

Similarly, the foaming face cleanser doesn’t need vigorous scrubbing and just a considerable amount of it does the work remarkably well. My skin felt instantly refreshed and revitalized with just one wash and didn’t make my skin dry or strip away the necessary oils. Even, the cleansing wipes remove the makeup easily. However, if you have applied intense eye makeup even mascara – you may have to wipe it hard. But, it doesn’t make your skin dry yet keeps it moist.

As compared to the other three products, the cleansing liquid did not impress much. It is, however, a gentle cleansing gel but it did not suit my skin well. Post using it, my skin felt inflamed. The product stung at some sensitive areas of the skin but didn’t disappoint with the cleansing action and moisturising effect. 

Filling the gap in the Indian market for some good makeup cleansers, Biore makes daily skincare easy and uncomplicated, offering tangible benefits – something that the new age Indian beauty enthusiasts would grandly welcome to their shelves. 

You can check the range here.

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