This new serum for skin – Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine and this one bottle concoction fulfils all that and more. – d’you Hustle review

It’s no wonder that our world and probably, most of our lives have fallen apart but this has birthed the art of self-care; it’s synonymous with skincare now. Typically, every time there’s a new ingredient gaining interest, any new cult-beauty product entering the market – yes, I am guilty of googling all about them and preparing my mind to try it as soon as I can. Asa market segment, Skincare is growing faster than any other part of the beauty industry, thanks to its portrayal with wellness culture and zen living. At least, that’s how I would like to comfort myself.

But, all these hoarding cultures of beauty products hasn’t done much good. Neither to the skin nor environmentally. Shamika Haldipurkar, founder of d’you doesn’t want us to end up damaging the barriers of our skin with a sudden onslaught of different products at once. The first product launched by the brand is a multi-tasking serum called Hustle. “The struggle to set up complicated skincare routines and then stick with these long-winded routines was real! 6-7 step routines were not sustainable for anyone, whether owing to paucity of time or energy,” Shamika tells.

d'you Hustle Review - This new serum for skin - Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine

To address a cluttered skincare routine, Hustle is one bottle solution that contains over 11 different active ingredients and aims for a 360-degree treatment on all aspects – from protection to nourishment. She wanted to create one single bottle to answer most of one’s skincare concerns. “While the market has 4-5 active ingredient products, there is no product even in the global market with over 11 active ingredients in one formulation like Hustle.”

Personally, I have a hard time running behind each ingredient to satiate my skin’s different concerns. Hustle’s promise seemed to be a rescue. 

The Formula – d’you Hustle review

First of all, it’s difficult to formulate a product with so many different active ingredients together. For Shamika, it took almost 16 months to develop the formulation for Hustle. It got arbutin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, niacinamide, squalane, resveratrol amongst others to nourish the skin from within. 

This 360-degree treatment comes in a 30ml-sized bottle that dispenses the serum through a pump-like opening. On testing, it’s a transparent, gel-like texture that easily glides and can be applied to the skin. It’s quite moisturising but lightweight like a serum. I have combination skin and I didn’t require an additional layer of moisturiser to top it off. However, it left a stickiness on my face after applying, which I am not quite a fan of. The product definitely takes some time to sink in, so I suggest waiting patiently to absorb and then move onwards with your session. But, it does the work of making your skin moisturised, plumped and hydrated whilst leaving behind a thin fragrance. 

d'you Hustle Review - This new serum for skin - Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine

Shamika suggests that the serum be applied to post your cleansing step, either on a pat dry face or a slightly damp face. “A cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen are the basics we suggest to be layered with Hustle. Exfoliating products are fine to be layered as well (only a few times a week), as well as retinol-based products (these pair very well with Hustle as well).”

The Aesthetics – d’you Hustle review

We live in strange times – sometimes, the product’s packaging matters more than the constituent and its Instagram page. More than google-ing new product launches, we end up on their IG pages. And d’you has been quite successful in serving to the new-gen aesthetics. 

Their IG page screams summer in pastels and “fun and exciting sesh of skincare” signs. Not to forget the raving reviews all over their page. The serum comes in a powder-blue colour opaque double cylinder bottle with a matte finish. Their packaging typeface resembles minimal esthete. The bottle also contains the entire list of ingredients used and the procedure of using it that needs to be lauded. 

d'you Hustle Review - This new serum for skin - Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine
Screenshot of d’you website

Whereas their website resembles tropical vacation vibes, it stands out most in explaining to the users in detail how the serum can be beneficial to them and which ingredients specifically target the concern. From its packaging to very important FAQs, from the full list of ingredients to how to use the product – the website more or less contains everything to convert a skincare consumer into their patron. 

Well, the website also makes its impression of being a digital library for all skincare aficionados. A special section titled ‘Geek Lab’ contains a list of skincare ingredients and their uses, fulfilling the inquisitive nature of skincare “nerds” (like myself!) 

Our Verdict – d’you Hustle review

None of us got time to sit and do a whole 10-16 steps skincare routine every day. Most of us, including myself, have a very simple skincare routine – regular cleansing, toning, moisturising (CTM), sunscreen and masking, sometimes. But with the rising skin care issues, we have found our friends in serums. Yes, at times, we may have to use more than one active ingredient serum and that is quite time-consuming, isn’t it?

What Hustle by d’you provides and proves is that you can actually replace those multiple steps. I have used it in my AM-PM schedule and my combination skin looked plump and moisturising just after applying. You can see a nice immediate glow and a hydrated look.  Moreover, it’s perfect for a good skin prep-up before makeup.

d'you Hustle Review - This new serum for skin - Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine

However, the price-point of the product seemed way too high. The product does what it promises but the stickiness might bother you. Especially in the Indian summers and monsoons, you don’t want to be left with something sticky on your face, added to the season’s humidity factor. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and if something adds to the greasiness on my nasal rooftop, I lack my affinity towards it. But would I stop ravishing about how it gives a radiant and even skin tone each time after applying? Ofcourse not! For lovers of skin minimalism, it’s a top-notch product. 

Shamika tells, “Multitasking products are hard to formulate well, and that’s why very few brands launch very innovative multi-ingredient formulations.” But, with great aesthetics, ingredients – the consumer looks ready to be Hustle’s patron for their skincare secrets.  

Check the product here.

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