Festivities and parties call for night-long celebrations, amazing outfits, numerous photos and thus a full face of long-lasting makeup. As we gear up for the parties, we pampered our skin with the organic products from Enn’s Closet.

From chemical exfoliates to homemade remedies, there are so many ingredients to incorporate and regimes to follow. While the plethora of choices is daunting and tempting at the same time, understanding the long term effect of a product is crucial. Since ancient times, every ingredient used by our grandparents is not only potent with goodness but are harmless to the skin and environment. While following the prescribed routine in these ancient books might not be entirely practical, fusing technology with this expansive knowledge gives us a powerhouse of products.

If you are looking for products that are a real investment for this season, Enn’s Closet is a brand that might pique your interest. Founded in 2017, by Nandeeta Manchandaa, brings us products the brand strikes the right balance with nature and technology. Even though we might not indulge in numerous social gatherings this year, being festive is still important and here’s how you do it with Enn’s Closet.

Enn's Closet Review: Getting Party Ready With Enn’s Closet

The Prep!

Winters are dry and dull, thus a glow from within takes good efforts. However, the glossy look is rage and we do not see it going away any time soon! Still, want a hack? There are some amazing products that work wonders even on limited application.

Ms Nandeeta Manchandaa recommends some of the best line-ups of face masks for each skin type. “For a quick glow, we recommend a face mask. Using a face mask, 30 minutes makeup application can really make a difference. Try the Litt Up for normal skin type, Bananah for the dry skin type, Acnay for acne-prone skin”. Ms Manchandaa also recommends their Ghee Moisturizer for the prickly winters as the natural formula helps deeply nourish the skin. Also, sun or no sun there’s never a replacement for sunscreen!

Enn's Closet Review: Getting Party Ready With Enn’s Closet

Our facial skin is delicate than our body skin, but our lips are even more. Hence, a lip care regime with extra nourishment and hydration is also important Pucker, from Enn’s Closet, is a rich lip mask that is enriched with the right ingredients for your lips. The thick consistency of the mask makes it ideal for all seasons and leaves a heavy impact from the first application itself. We recommend prepping your lips with a generous layer of this mask as a leave-on night lip mask – the result in the morning is beyond words! The mask also leaves a pink hue on the lips with a slight plumped effect.

Pucker is infused honey, lanolin glycerin, shea butter, and jojoba oil which provide deep moisture to soften chapped and distressed lips and the hyaluronic acid helps retain the moisture. The texture of the balm is extremely smooth and applies evenly. However, we wish it came with a spatula for hygienic application but clean finger works just fine.

Make It Easy! 

A full glam session might require some indulgent time but applying false lashes is an effort like none other. The hassle of bending the lash perfectly, applying the glue, placing the lash before the glue dries and making sure it doesn’t stick to your entire eye is too stressful. Thus, the magnetic lashes from Enn’s Closet come to your rescue and would practically last you a lifetime!

Enn's Closet Review: Getting Party Ready With Enn’s Closet

Available in three variants – Naturale, Midi and Flare-up, they make your lashes look as natural as possible without any hassle. These lashes are made of cruelty-free synthetic silk strands. The crisscrossed arrangement of the hair of the lashes gives a natural lift and volume without being entirely obvious. The lashes come in a pair of two – a top and bottom layer with magnets that sandwich the natural lash between themselves. They come in a locked container for storage. A word of caution though, always make sure you have a clean and clear surface as you apply the lashes as there is a chance one might fall and it would get even difficult to find them.

I tried out the Midi lashes that are perfect for a medium smoky-eyed look-elongated at the end with very little volume. I liked to wear to at the near end of my natural lash line to give my eyes the iconic fox look. You can use these eyelashes for a no-makeup look as well – just don’t forget applying mascara! I used my makeup remover to get rid of the mascara on the lashes and they were clean as new. Another pro tip would be whenever you feel an itch in your eyelash try using your finger in a back and forth motion instead of rubbing the entire lash. 

The Aftermath

After an amazing night of partying with physical distancing, taking your make up off is the last thing you want to do. But, sleeping with your makeup on is worse. For all those who do not wish to waste another extra minute on makeup removal, should try the Erazer. “Erazer makeup cleansing balm is my go-to product. It is a great cleansing balm for everyday use also. It melts onto the skin and breaks down stubborn makeup or impurities that get stuck on the skin. ”, explains Ms Manchandaa.

Enn's Closet Review: Getting Party Ready With Enn’s Closet

This natural oil-based cleansing balm seamlessly melts down makeup even the stubborn waterproof mascara without strips off any moisture from the skin. The product comes in sufficient quantity and, a little goes a long way. The natural blend of delightful mangoes with the therapeutic oils like coconut oil and olive oil makes the texture of the balm ultra-light that works against dryness, breakouts and thoroughly cleanses. The Eraser has a subtle mango scent that isn’t overwhelming but soothing in a way might even be nostalgic to few.

Follow up with your favourite cleanser and you and your skin, both can call it a night!

The products are available on their official website.

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