Every now and then all you could have a glance at on the internet are the various facial tools and face rollers top the list. So, why and how has this tool trickled into the beauty community? What makes its rising popularity?

Face rollers have become a recent rage in the cosmetic world because this little piece of stone comes with million benefits. For years, we’ve been using homemade options like ice to reduce puffing under the eyes or applying dollops of makeup to cover the under-eye circles. With face rollers, life has become easier because a little rolling and gliding every morning or before bedtime, has helped millions of women get rid of the morning puffiness and feel fresh in just a few minutes.

Which Face Roller Should We Use?

Jadestone is the most popular face rollers which are highly endorsed by several celebrities as well. It comes in multiple variants including amethyst, jade, rose quartz, and opalite. Jade is a softer stone than rose quartz, so chances are that a quartz roller may last longer and not break as easily if dropped.

On the other hand, Rose quartz can hold its temperature (hot or cold) for a long period, so if you want a colder roll, then quartz that’s been cooled in the fridge is your best option.

Also, there is one roller available in the market with two differently sized rollers on each end. Use the small one for eyebrows and under-eye area, and the big one for the rest of your face. 

Benefits of face rollers; Uses of facial rollers

How To Use A Facial Roller?

When rolled in the right direction, a facial roller invites oxygenated blood to all parts of the face and feeds it with fresh fluids that hydrate the skin and make it look fresh and young. That oxygenated blood works as food for your skin and that nourishment works wonders for the face.

Face rollers can also reduce headaches at times. Since it is a roller, a technique needs to be religiously followed to make sure you don’t end up hurting o scratching your skin. Here’s what you need to remember:

1. Always use a face oil or moisturizer before you use a roller.

2. The roller should glide on your skin.

3. The absence of oil may cause tugging or pull your skin.

4. Always roll in an upwards direction, and never forget your neck.

5. The roller should glide from the jawline to your ear, from the forehead up toward the temples, only in the upward direction. It’s the same gentle pull that you would use if you were using your hands to pull the skin taut and wrinkle-free.

6. Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally. It can help in relieving headaches.

How Often Should You Use A Facial Roller?

You can use a face roller every day or at least 3-5 times a week for optimal results. It is just like massaging your face like the rest of your body. But while it is relaxing, it is also recommended to not do it for over 10 minutes at a stretch.

The Benefits Of Using A Face Roller?

Today, many people are using and endorsing face rollers not because it is a trend but because they have used and felt the difference. A five-minute exercise of gliding or rolling this cold stone on your morning face has several benefits. Apart from just reducing the puffiness, they can also:

  • instantly uplift your mood
  • improves blood circulation
  • contours the face when used regularly
  • flushes out toxins when rolled over the skin
  • cools and soothes the skin
  • reduces stuffy sinuses
  • reduces dark circles and puffiness
  • reduces headaches
  • helps in blending the skincare products evenly on the face

How To Clean Your Face Roller?

Benefits of face rollers; Uses of facial rollers

Since you will use your roller on your face every day, you must keep it clean and hygienic. It is super easy to clean your roller. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Firstly, wipe off any excess oil or product with a soft, clean washcloth after you are done massaging.
  • Use a gentle face wash or soap to rinse the roller. The water should be at room temperature.
  • Avoid using very hot water on your facial roller or soaking it in water. That may not be good for the roller.
  • Always lay the roller horizontally on a clean dry cloth to dry.

You should always invest in a roller from a trusted store or online portal. The market is full of fake rollers and that can harm your skin. Do your research well before making a purchase.

Paridhi Goel, founder of Love Earth, a herbal and organic skincare brand started it in 2016 with her partner Chinar Goel. From then to now, the brand has over 50 personal care products under its belt. All their products are tested for months before they are launched and they are certified by WHO, Ministry of Ayush, Drug and cosmetic department, FSSAI. The brand is focused to cater to consumers with different skin types and thus strives to launch new products that serve as solutions for different skin-related issues. A part of their profits goes to an orphanage in Ghaziabad.

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