Fendi launches #PeekabooISeeU Campaign, it’s first-ever worldwide video and image campaign in honor of its iconic bag, the Peekaboo, featuring actress and producer Zoey Deutch.

Fendi’s latest campaign for Peekaboo bag reminds us of the glitzy, happy and carefree girl that we all want to channel. After watching Zoey Deutch’s new campaign video, we did not want it to end. The actress is one of the newest faces of the fashion brand and you sure want to steal her style with that gorgeous bag as well.

The campaign highlights the emotional relationship between the Peekaboo and Zoey celebrating her most authentic, intimate, true inner self. The actress adds, “It is such an honor to be the ambassador of the first Fendi Peekaboo campaign. I have been a huge fan of the brand of as long as I can remember, and to join the Fendi family is beyond exciting. I feel so grateful.”    

Fendi X Zoey Deutch: The Iconic Peekaboo

The story unfolds as Zoey on set is embracing her Peekaboo, revealing its inside while her own personality shines. A spark of positive energy comes through, especially as Deutch glamorously steps out of a car and poses for some cameras. “It was one of my favorite shooting days ever. There was a lot to get done in a short time but everyone was in such a great mood. Good people, great energy and amazing bags… what could be better?” she exclaims. Her inner soul appears, along with the inside of the Bag itself: the story follows her, cut into a short, chronological sequence that leads the viewer into the moment when she seats in the studio – ready to be photographed with the Fendi Peekaboo.

The actress describes the ‘Peekaboo’ bag as – ‘Chic, Mysterious, Classic’. She further describes, “I love that the bag opens up in a deep ‘smile’ to reveal the interchangeable inside pockets. It is comfortable yet classic.” Fendi, till day, remains the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship, and style. Presented for the Fendi Fall/Winter 2020-21 Collection last February, the new Peekaboo features a new accordion-frame shape, to open in a deep ‘smile’ featuring inside pockets which can be interchangeable in smooth leather or precious skins and personalized with one’s initials.

The Peekaboo definitely stands both as a statement and investment piece. “Chic while also able to carry everything you could need… and more. And I have been known to want to fit everything (and more) in my purse. I definitely need 4.” Deutch added. Since its creation for Spring/Summer 2009, Silvia Venturini Fendi has combined Maison’s savoir-faire and limitless creativity with the research for high-quality materials and details, giving life to infinite versions of the Peekaboo that – each one with its standout and distinctive features – all flawlessly embody the versatile and timeless aspect of this bag that has been and will continue to be elevated, reinterpreted and declined season after season, collection after collection.

The new Peekaboo has hit the stores from late August and available at web store too.

Fendi X Zoey Deutch: The Iconic Peekaboo

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