The luxurious boons of an empowered and uplifted community know no boundaries. But even in today’s time, when we are continuously struggling to build a futuristic society where justice is served irrespective of colour, gender, choices; yet we haven’t reached a positive ultimatum. But, how far are we from this empowered threshold?

Shifting The Paradigm - The Ongoing Journey of Empowerment

“If women are to break away from the clutches of orthodox, patriarchal, pseudo-liberal brackets, then economic independence becomes a prerequisite for them.”

A global safe community that empowers women financially, mentally, allows them to feel free in their own skin, breaks stereotypes and comes out to discover their identity is a boon to all of the earthlings – one that lets women be strong and independent by letting out their creative selves and providing themselves with their long due entitlement.As we hear around – ‘Hope is the garden where dreams grow like flowers’, various start-ups run across the globe with unparallel dreams. Sorority and opportunities for women to encash financial independence motivated the dynamic duo, Shraddha Varma and Riya Sinha to lay down the founding bricks of Fuzia. They began with a dream of empowering women and valuing art. Striving for a better world and hopes of empowering creativity since November 2015, Fuzia has now achieved heights of success and made its mark internationally.

Milestone Beginning:

Fuzia empowers women through a fusion of cultures and ideas. An online networking community as well as a global platform to showcase one’s talents and skills, the platform is open for genders who support women empowerment, feminism, equality and mutual upliftment. At 11, when most of us were worrying about how our freshman year at high school would be, Riya had authored a book. Her short novel “Runaway Twins” at a local bookstore in Palo Alto destined a short fan moment when a kid came running to her, inspired by the book. This incident gave birth to a novel concept in her creative spirit. It laid the founding bricks of what Fuzia is today.

Shifting The Paradigm - The Ongoing Journey of Empowerment

In 2015, when Shraddha joined Fuzia, it facilitated the growth of the club from 2 to 35 members who decided to devote themselves to empowering women worldwide. The small writing club is now a global online platform which aims to empower women and nurture future leaders. “To make sure the creativity is built to the core and no talent goes in vain, we have also collaborated with various organizations. With the support of these esteemed collaborations, we spread learning, expert support and guidance. The ‘Superpower’ of Fuzia is the unshakable vow to achieve empowered representations of women. Its visible success owes a great share to the palpable love for the work we do and to the understanding we keep intact together as a team”, Shraddha adds.

There is an exceeding demand of platforms which let women- across the world, showcase and develop their talent, abilities, creative skills and outstanding persona. Fuzia, too, has touched and changed lives through a plethora of initiatives taken. She also tells, “The bond, mutual admiration, fusion of cultures and ideas, the conversation sparking through a common thread of similar passions bring people closer in a happy, positive and empowering environment.

Shifting The Paradigm - The Ongoing Journey of Empowerment

Breaking the Shackles:

Prejudice is ingrained in the blood and bones of the society, not only in India but across the globe. What we call a ‘gap’ today has its roots in the past and a full-fledged tree grows out of it. The concept of prejudice has infiltrated society and widened the ‘gap’ that we never needed. Shraddha quickly responds to this, “This prejudice sticks around in every person’s conscience, be it a man or a woman, it has automatically widened the differences that we as different genders face. Indian society, per se, has had the ability to demean women to a stance that even today, she does a plethora of unpaid work, slogs for hours in a kitchen and wastes her talent inside her own little cage. But, this is what has been offered to her by society and if she comes out of it, she is believed to be a woman of no value.” Fuzia has been fighting to break such prejudices. “We look for the talent within women, that they might themselves not acknowledge. Thus, our initiative, goals and ideologies coincide directly and in accordance with the increased gap in Indian society.”

Shifting The Paradigm - The Ongoing Journey of Empowerment

The lack of platform is the main reason that stops women to come out and make their own identity. Here, too Fuzia has managed to encounter such problems, “We have various channels as learning modules, learning places and sharing views at one place. For instance, we have two very active channels: one for skill learning for photography and the other for learning good writing skills. Next, we have a counsellor section for people to seek advice and for any hurdles that they face in life. These can be discussed with our Fuzia advisers/counsellors. Also, we have a shoutbox, which basically is a place where one can connect with all the members in one place: a global chatbox. They are also rewarded for their creativity through vouchers, international certificates and jobs to offer -internships and full-time.” says the inspiring co-founder.

Social stigmas have become a rising challenge of the last few decades. Gender inequality is what one might think of in binaries, but to the surprise of most people, it is not. She clarifies, “We here point out all those LGBTQ people who have been denied every right since ages. We are also talking about men, who face discrimination and higher exposure to mental health issues due to the burden of being the ‘man of the house’. We, as a society need to deconstruct to be constructed in the right manner. We need to put a full stop to restricting ourselves to binaries.” At the end of the day, we are all humans who deserve equal, not based on our physical/mental capabilities, but way beyond that. Embarking on that journey can take time but by putting our first step through breaking age-old problems and educating the masses about its constructive building is the priority.

Empowered and Changed Shifts:

A continued emphasis on regular cultural shifts let us maintain our existing initiative in the competitive world. These shifts must be looked again and again for reconstructions. “Our community though remains remote, focuses largely on empowering each other and the world outside”, says Shraddha. They aim to place the right skill at the right place, which benefits both, the company and its users economically. For a team of enthusiasts and remotely-operated, the global pandemic couldn’t change their efforts. Having kept a regular check on their employees and helping whichever way possible, they have taken initiatives too – donating masks to the needy, collaborated with the Women’s Web to help out the needy through ‘Suraksha Kits’.

Apart from this, they began a separate section on their website, ‘Quarantimes’ and have also published a plethora of content to help people boost up their spirits and gather the courage to come out of this, slowly and gradually.Shraddha says, “After these dark shadows of the present crisis are gone by, we’re all going to come out stronger, more sensitive to each other than ever and with hopes of reaching out to every single woman whose share of empowerment is long due. Riya added too, “Once we’re out of the ocean of calamity we’re in, let’s believe that what will come will definitely be better than what’s gone by. After all, trust is what our huge-little world is made of!”

Shifting The Paradigm - The Ongoing Journey of Empowerment

There are many who look forward towards attaining pillars of creative empowerment, community growth, individual strength and artistic magnification. There are many instances when suddenly all of the worlds operate against you and a truckload of difficulties come on your way. Shraddha concludes with a piece of important advice, “Look forward, step by step and attain your goals through the pillars of true liberty. Do not forget to put your passion on your shoulders and be translucent about your goals and its implementation. Even while selecting your entrepreneurial niche, keep in mind to take up one that you not only love but have a fair idea about. Research about it well, assess your finances, write your business plan and consult with professionals before you embark on your journey. Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Because hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies!”

Images by Fuzia

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