Summers are a nightmare for the skin. That means you have to sit and decide again which moisturisers work for your skin, reinstitute your skincare regime!

Summertime does have the capability of creating good havoc in our skin. Added to the heat, Indian summers are humid. When you add high humidity levels to the mix, it can feel irritating to you and your skin. Warm weather adds a whole slew of challenges to your beauty routine too, so you may have to switch up your routine. 

Although, it’s natural to skip the practice of moisturising in order to not weigh your skin down but, is that the correct way to do so? Everyone, regardless of skin type, naturally produces oil on their face. So, what exactly does your skin crave? Choosing the right moisturizer can become a challenge when textures are involved.

Gels V/s Cream Moisturiser: What To Pick For Summer Skincare

Enter: gels V/s creams; one needs to determine what and how to integrate them in our regimen. Well, it’s time to get down to basics!

What’s Different Between Gel And Cream Moisturiser?

Gels are mostly colourless and transparent. “As the mercury levels are skyrocketing during the summers in tropical areas, the skin tends to get oily and greasy. Since gel formulations are usually water-based, they are lightweight and hydrate the skin effectively,” explains beauty and wellness expert, Shahnaz Husain

Further explaining its characteristics, Irene Kim, head of marketing at Maccaron tells, “Gel-type moisturiser reduces sebum secretion and gets quickly absorbed into the skin with a less oily feeling, so it can supply moisture to the skin softly and refreshingly. On the other hand, as compared to a cream moisturizer, it dries quickly because it lacks oil.”

Whereas, the cream moisturiser contains more oil than a gel moisturiser. “ Despite having a colour base, creams are not visible once applied, taking time to absorb. Some creams do have oil, even though both cream and gels are water-based. The main difference between gel and cream moisturizer is their texture; a gel moisturiser is lighter and watery than a cream moisturiser.” explains Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Marketing Head at Innisfree India

Gels V/s Cream Moisturiser: What To Pick For Summer Skincare

Which Moisturiser To Choose For Your Skin?

Irene shares an easy guide as to which moisturiser may suit your skin –

If you have dry skin: “it’s good to fill in moisture step by step and apply a cream to the finish to form an oily film.”

If you have combination skin: “it is recommended to use a different product for each skin area”

If you have oily skin: “it is recommended to use a product with low oil content to control the oil”

However, gel-based moisturisers seem to have an upper hand, working well for all skin types, “Being water-based, they hydrate dry skins and work well with oily skins as well because they lack oil – therefore, keeping the oiliness and stickiness to a minimum. Gels are especially beneficial for people who have sensitive skin.” shares Ms Shahnaz.

Like always, these newly favourites – gel moisturisers also come with a few pointers that must be taken into consideration. She gives a complete lowdown on what can be the right gel cream for one’s skin type.

Gels V/s Cream Moisturiser: What To Pick For Summer Skincare

“If you have oily skin, it would be better to use gels that have salicylic acid, lactic acid, or tea tree oil in them.”

“if you have dry skin, test out the gel first by applying it to the backside of your ear. If you feel that your skin is getting dry or flaky or if you’re feeling a pulling sensation, then the gel in question might not be hydrating your skin properly and you may need to change it and go for a traditional cream with natural herbal extracts.”

“If you have combination skin, try to find gels with hyaluronic acid as it moisturizes the skin thoroughly.”

What Ingredients To Consider For A Moisturiser?

Skincare products are in various formulations and consistencies. While the market is flooded with new skincare products releasing every day with their shiny packaging and minimal aesthetics, anyone is bound to make a purchase that appeals to the eye. Are aesthetics to be the consideration? Well, no! You must know what ingredients you are popping into your skin, its properties and how those can make a difference.

Gels V/s Cream Moisturiser: What To Pick For Summer Skincare

So, here’s a pro-tip from Irene regarding this, “A moisturiser containing soothing ingredients is recommended for all skin types. Products containing madecassoside (cica), aloe vera, calendula, and green tea are suitable for all skin types. Especially for sensitive skin, it’s good to pay attention to products containing madecassoside (cica).”

How To Maximize The Effect Of These Moisturisers?

Yes, you can maximise the effect of the moisturiser on your skin if you are using the product in a correct manner. “You need to use your moisturiser on a clean face after cleansing your face and neck with a cleanser/foam etc. You need to put it immediately after washing your face so that the moisturiser maintains the hydration level in your skin. Hence the timing of applying a moisturiser is very important. Of course, do not neglect your neck, always apply the product to the face and neck.” warns Mini Sood.

Concluding with a very rightful tip, Irene tells, “When applying the moisturiser, if you rub it on your face using the entire palm, the active ingredients can be absorbed into the palm. It is good to use only three fingers to lightly rub on the face for absorption, and then pat lightly with the palm of the hand for better absorption.”

Gels V/s Cream Moisturiser: What To Pick For Summer Skincare

Here’s Our Edit Of Summer Moisturisers

The High-End Beauties

Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Light Hydrating Gel; Vichy Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster;

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel; Kama Ayurveda Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream;

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydro Cream; Enn’s Closet Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

The Budget Beauties

Biotique Saffron Dew Nourishing Day Cream; WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Face Cream

StBotanica Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream ; Plum Chamomile & White Tea Day Cream 

Good Vibes Rosehip Hydration Gel ; Dot & Key Hydrating Gel

Bare Body Essentials Hydraglow Gel ; Aroma Magic Skin Brightening Gel

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