Sustainable and sophisticated – presenting Hivado, a homegrown luxury brand that is redefining skincare ritual for men.

Ever heard of skincare issues taking sides between men and women? It’s not only women who need products to maintain their skin. Beyond the basic world of grooming, men’s skincare industry has picked up a good pace and their beauty concerns are answered, specifically. 

Now, Indian homegrown labels have equivalently come forward to cater to the male beauty industry. When it comes to skincare, men generally make dainty choices – that are carefully formulated, can nourish their skin and deliver exceptional results. Championing as a simplified skincare ritual exclusively for men, Hivado offers a luxurious and premium care that is elegantly and sustainably crafted. 

Hivado - Defining The Modern Men’s Care Regime

Founded by Bengaluru-based Sainath Jain and Shradha Mutha, Hivado is a pause fused with handpicked ingredients to meet the needs of indigenous men in luxury style. “Hivado intends to create a niche in the Men’s Personal Care and Wellness Space – a brand that belongs to be in the affordable luxury category which is born out of India at par with global brands. A man’s skin is different and needs to be treated differently. We understand that and have devoted ourselves to creating powerful, customized skin centred formulations to deliver exceptional results. We’ve closely studied habits, routines and usage patterns to tailor unique, yet holistic formulations.” says Sainath and Shradha.

Behind The Brand

Filling a stark gap in the men’s personal care space, Hivado is involved in producing in small batches, investing in innovative and sustainable design and packaging. The brand takes pride in the products, being free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs, and dyes, apart from being cruelty-free.

Hivado - Defining The Modern Men’s Care Regime

“The design, communication and experiences provided by Hivado, omits overt signs of testosterone-fueled masculinity and is redefining the way Men’s Personal care has ever been approached. We went on an illuminating journey to help men pause in their fast-paced lifestyle. Extensive research for months on end and tenacious examination of a man’s skin helped us create formulations that simplify skincare for modern men.” says Shradha.

The brand’s packaging code has followed a sustainable, minimal, functional and utilitarian approach. They have created brushed aluminium bottles that maintain the high, uncompromising standards of the products. The lettered packaging already creates an aesthetic presence. The products are designed to revive the senses and nourish the skin customised exclusively for a man’s skin. 

They further add, “The aluminium packaging has been made with food-grade epoxy resin coating on the inside to ensure compatibility of the formula. The containers are completely recyclable and sustainable. The paper used to build the carton is FSC certified, the guarantee of sustainable sourcing. Small batch manufacturing allows the brand to reduce the amount of waste that is generated.”

Experiencing Hivado

I tried the Body Edit which included a trio of products with a holistic approach for a nourishing experience. The Edit box included Bath Balancing Body Cleanser, Broad Benefit Body Lotion and Hand Hydrator.  Beginning with the cleanser, it includes exquisite ingredients such as Witch Hazel extract from Japan, aloe vera, watermelon extract. Being lightweight and with a nice-mild fragrance, it gives the skin a good polishing and cleansing session. It is a low-foaming yet high-performing product, making you have a rejuvenating bath. A deep cleanse followed by the body lotion is all you need for your everyday skincare ritual. Containing nourishing ingredients, it leaves your body feeling soft and smooth. 

Hivado - Defining The Modern Men’s Care Regime

The hand hydrator is the one to look forward to! The mildly scented product – an alcohol-free, water-based moisturizer is super hydrating and absorbs into the skin in no time. Although having a thick consistency, the lightweight, non-greasy cream should be credited to Indian Margosa. The application just instantly soothes dry skin and leaves no oily residue. The hydrator is surely their standout product of the edit box. However, our advice would be experiencing the two edit boxes rather than going for individual purchase.

Growing Men’s Skincare Family

The homegrown male grooming industry has been standstill in the past in terms of the availability of alternatives, features, aesthetics, etc. Men have started having a heightened interest in product quality, efficacy and ingredients, resulting in the growing popularity of men’s indulgence in beauty. The brand remarks, “Increasing knowledge of skincare among men is driving the demand for solution-driven products and also will see an immense amount of innovation in that segment. Smart beauty devices and tools for Men have a great potential too. Hivado is actively creating its own rulebook, going against the grain of hyper-growth, and building a brand and community that will disrupt the industry in a sustained manner.”

Hivado - Defining The Modern Men’s Care Regime

Here, we are finally at a good growing stage that the notion that men might want to look their best selves isn’t radical or looked down any longer. It’s good news that men have come forward to recognizing the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and happy to indulge in skincare and beauty. And this, none of it makes them less ‘manly’

The products are available at their official website

Written in collaboration with Manash Bhuyan

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