NOONOO, from its name to its designs, is all about providing high-quality dress-wear with a touch of quirk. In its latest collection representation, it took us inside technology with finesse from the near future.

The pandemic really showed us how highly dependent we are on technology and surviving without it is almost impossible. In a very quirky visual representation of technology, NOONOO has launched its A/W 2020 Collection aptly called “Tech Goes Live” with innovative names and concepts.

Inspired by the journey from outside a device to its motherboard, the brand celebrates the back process of how technology actually works and what all it takes to make your life easier, how the signals go from static to active, how the wireframes work, how important is binary code, how the current flow through circuits and more. Karan Chawla, Co-Founder says, “It was high time connecting people in terms of design too inspired by technology. Global discussions and the latest trends kept motivating us to do so.”

Noonoo tech goes live ,  NOONOO has launched its A/W 2020 Collection aptly called "Tech Goes Live"

The collection is inspired by the processes in abstract forms and technical information such as blueprints, wireframes, coding. He adds, “Our brand targets anyone and everyone who is looking for a great design. Streetwear has already started coming to the markets and we are experiencing that change. The next step is gonna be high end tailored garments to fit exactly what customer is looking for, functional clothing to make one connected with the garments and gender-neutral clothing gonna change the game for fashion in some years.” This collection has a heavy focus on utility with pockets and detachable sleeves. The brand has also experimented with different materials like parachute fabrics and holographic pockets. The collection features a wide range of Shirts, Shackets, Turtle Neck Shirts & Blazers.

Mr. Karan Chawla gives a complete lowdown on the new collection –

Inspiration Board:

“Our inspiration board consists of tech elements such as chip circuits, the intersection of the motherboard, digital signals, etc. Our philosophy is to give a minimal look with a touch of tech-inspired motifs and technical details that can be worn on multiple occasions. You can witness a tech soft drama on our apparels which is directed by keeping our day to day life interaction with technology which we don’t notice much, its more of a back process which is behind the scene such as software commands, wireframe, signals, layouts, circuits, etc.”

 NOONOO has launched its A/W 2020 Collection aptly called "Tech Goes Live"

Cool Concepts:

“The idea behind the cool concepts like detachable sleeves, mix and match of different materials, pullover shirts, and shackets is comfort and transformation. When technology is helping us so much to make our life so easy and comfortable why should we stay behind? And the design idea behind it was Ctrl+X Ctrl+V which lets you change the appearance and look of the garments just like any software on your system.”

‘NooNoo’ Amid Pandemic:

“We have always been an online heavy brand, and that has helped us cater to this time better than any other brand. We have been affected with low reach on our Multi Designer Stores part, and we have seen a lot of them adapting to the online route, which is good to see. There will be a silver lining at the end of this tunnel.”

 NOONOO has launched its A/W 2020 Collection aptly called "Tech Goes Live"

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