The post-pandemic dining affair at MKT, The Chanakya that let me experience the rich and flavourful tastes of street foods of India truly manages to stand tall, delighting all senses with their own fun twists.

Indian foods have been characterised by an array of rich, exotic flavours that run in your mouth and leave you craving for more. And Indian street food is a way of life! Talking in the post-pandemic phase, although street food has returned gradually, one’s mind always worries about the safety and sanitisation measures taken. So, what’s the best alternative to experiencing India’s most loved cuisine without constantly being bogged down by thoughts of sanitisation?

Satiating flavours amidst the safety haven of luxury restaurants, MKT at The Chanakya took it upon them to let us all experience the authentic street food flavours that run across the country. Revamping these delicacies with a contemporary twist to delight all senses, their specially curated menu is all set to create an old-world nostalgia if you’re a true street food lover. 

MKT, The Chanakya Hosts A Vivid Indian Street Food Festival

Contemporary Street Food Twist

With a great variety and fine-value tasting menu, one could savour the sumptuous delicacies of North India like kachori chaat, aloo tikki; South delicacies like bonda, paniyaram and experience a burst of original Indian flavours in your tastebuds. That’s the power of street food that lets you know of a place’s culture and cuisine.

Starting the varied menu that contains 11 dishes, we started the long course with samosa chaat which had the perfect blend of all flavours from tangy to spicy crafted in quite a simple yet immensely satisfying manner. The other North-Indian delicacies served were the kachori chaat, aloo kachalu anar ki chaat, aloo tikki chaat that only made my tastebuds go on an adventurous ride of rich flavours.

Although most of the dishes were topped with green and sweet tamarind chutney, you’ll inevitably notice their distinctive tastes and its appetizing look will make you try it sooner or later. The bhindi chaat is worth trying, thanks to its crunchy delights but packed with a punch too. However, the ‘ram laddoo with mooli’ taste dry and vague compared to the rest of the course.

MKT, The Chanakya Hosts A Vivid Indian Street Food Festival

It was my first time trying South-Indian street food that totally blew my mind with its uniqueness. Having come out of the place as a fan of South-Indian street food, it sure did leave me craving for more. What remains similar to both the cuisine is the inevitable addition of chutney and a myriad of local spices.

The first dish that I tried was ‘Milagai Podi Idli’ which is basically smaller idli cubes mixed with red chilli powder to make it spicy and tasty. The dish created a distinctive taste on its own, refreshing and wholesome with every bite. Next up was Mutta Paniyaram, famous in Tamil Nadu, made from rice batter and filled in with egg and some extra spice to kick start your day. Another was Mutta Bonda, basically, they are egg muffins made with spices.

While the flavours danced in my mouth, I can definitely say this whole menu has opened up a new horizon of south-Indian delicacies with a variety of spices and condiments that I am definitely looking forward to indulging in more!

MKT, The Chanakya Hosts A Vivid Indian Street Food Festival

The MKT Concept

Trying a myriad of dishes from the North to the South, there was a rich sense of continuity of flavours through some of their ingredients as a well-curated collective menu should have. I loved how I could indulge in the authentic Indian street food culture amidst a safe culture, without having to constantly think about safety and sanitisation. That’s the beauty of fine dining that gives you all the necessary rich Indian tastes without compromising on health. 

Thanks to the revamped distanced seating in restaurants, rigorous sanitisation and immersive indulgence, we could be back to having a good time and a good meal in this new year. I love how this sought after food station has taken safety a step further by giving a bag for your masks, wrapping all cutleries the moment it is sanitized, so no one else touches it apart from the guests. The excitement, the roller coaster ride of intrigue, comfort and authentic Indian tastes are all in full bloom in MKT that reflects the true essence of fine dining.

MKT, The Chanakya Hosts A Vivid Indian Street Food Festival

Coordinates: Lower Ground Floor, The Chanakya Mall, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Phone: 083769 86799

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