Larissa Moraes and her fine jewelry collection offer unique, one of a kind pieces created exclusively in precious metals and gemstones – one that assures love at first sight.

When I first looked at Larissa Moraes’s debut collection ‘September Sapphires’, the intricately designed sculptural jewelry intermingling in bold shades and hues gave a sense of fulfilment and serenity. The collection has an irresistible emotion and well, I couldn’t help knowing about it more. 

Hailing from Brazil, Larissa Moraes left her legal career to dedicate herself to jewellery-making. “During adolescence, I understood the difficulties of an artist’s life and decided to opt for a more stable career – studied law and followed the legal career. However, my heart was never there. I discovered jewelry through a friend. I worked during the day and spent the night coloring and drawing jewelry. I made one jewel for a friend who asked me to design a bespoke piece for them and I also produced some pieces in an experimental partnership.”

larissa moraes jewelry, September Sapphires by Larissa Moraes

She was also rewarded with the Gold prize at the A’ Design Award & Competition for her Van Gogh earrings and nominated for Designer of the Year. “At the end of 2018, depressed and saddened by the hardness of my daily work, I sought comfort in art and started designing the jewelry collection of my dreams. In early 2019, I made some pieces for the Van Gogh collection and posted the images on Instagram. In a few days, my life changed. I was invited to participate in design and jewelry fairs and this new path began.” says Larissa.

I have always found jewelry more than just a piece of adornment and status. It’s a connection that is built with the wearer, a story of beautiful far-flung gems and craftsmanship. For Larissa too, producing jewelry has been like living a dream – a happier and fulfilling one. The carefully crafted debut collection has been all about sapphires – gems that have long been associated with wisdom and truth, a symbol of romantic love and fidelity.

larissa moraes jewelry, September Sapphires by Larissa Moraes

‘September Sapphires’ is her mark of love and inspiration from the great artist Van Gogh and she reimagines them as sculptural fine jewelry. She shares, “I have always been drawn to Van Gogh’s art since I was a child.  I immersed myself fully in his work and tried to understand what really moved him as an artist.  My objective was to recreate the emotion of some of his most famous works in jewelry. His brushstrokes and complex textures – I was able to emulate using hand-polished or textured gold and by layering different colours and types of precious gemstones in my jewellery.”

Moraes’ Fritillaries Earrings are handcrafted in Yellow Sapphires, Medium Citrines and Diamonds. The soft hues of the yellow gemstones mimic Van Gogh’s flowers. Fluid, organic twists of gold convey the movement of the leaves in the fritillaries bouquet. Moraes was fascinated by the faded canvas of Van Gogh’s Vase with Irises with its hues of blue and white. Some striking deep blue blossoms in the collection are represented using Blue Sapphires and Topazes in the Irises Ring, a dazzling double ring design.

larissa moraes jewelry,  September Sapphires by Larissa Moraes

“I was fortunate to find genius goldsmiths willing to work with me. I love all of the pieces in the collection because of the story behind every jewel. For me, gemstones are my colour palette. The gemstones are the paint of my painting and even the stones that are not celebrated in the right context form masterpieces.”  Larissa has beautifully bought alive even the delicate parts in the jewelry pieces – the complex textures of the leaves, treelike branches moving in the wind,flowers with sword shaped leaves – all of it has been meticulously crafted and elegantly balanced to sway freely in harmony with the natural movement of the wearer.

The pandemic has been tough for the jewellery designers and makers too but the designer’s optimism towards life and work is to be rooted for. “There seems to be more of a move towards celebrating nature and the natural world in jewellery with more organic designs. Personally, the pandemic has brought me even more appreciation for freedom. I want to celebrate that we went through so many obstacles in 2020 and we have overcome. In my next collection, I want to celebrate life, love and unity. I can’t say much not to spoil the surprise.” she concludes.

larissa moraes jewelry,  September Sapphires by Larissa Moraes

Well, there can’t be anything more beautiful than colored precious gemstones to add a fine exuberance in your life!

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