The current Indie music scene is on a revolution. Having finally found an escape from typical Bollywood music, independent music is one of the positive and most promising growth of the country and bands like ‘Trance Effect’ prove that there’s a long beautiful way to go!

India’s pool of ever-growing talent can keep everyone awed. The country has been always producing the best in most of the fields. Well, very recently in a span of three years or more, the country has had a significant independent music scene. Fusion or originals – they have been the streaming industry’s hottest future prospect. The craze and love for this genre of music have been on the peak for quite some time. An edgy band like Trance Effect shares, “The idea that actually mooted and kept us going was the possibility of making music as a band that would ‘reach out to a younger generation’. Considerably hooked and ‘can’t-stop-dancing’ to their hit release ‘Clowns’, Trance Effect is gaining popularity among the audience. Hailing from Dimapur, Nagaland, the band has been quick in establishing their name in the field of Indie Pop-Rock Music. Consisting of Iuli Yeptho on vocals, Sosang Lkr on backing vocals/drums, Imnamaong Imchen on backing vocals/bass, Temsujungba Jamir and Tako Chang on guitar, the band is set to make a difference to the music scene in the country.

Indie Music, Meet The Pop- Rockers From The East - Trance Effect,

Journey & Beyond:

Although the members are from different musical backgrounds, the passion and love for creating music did bring all of them together. The team said, “When we finally formed the innovative new act, the idea that came to us and kept us going was the possibility of making music as a band that would reach and appeal to the new and younger generations.” Setting their own definition in the music scene and entitling themselves to a unique name “Trance Effect”, it establishes their melodic offshoot from techno or house music which drives their music, even though they don’t have a DJ in the band.

The entire north-east region is known for its glorious musical reputation. Coming from a region where metal and rock music perceives in the heart of people, the band managed to be a ‘different’ hit smashing through with their pop-rock music. “We can see a lot of changes coming in that culture. There are so many amazing artists coming out from the Northeast like rappers or pop artists. It’s just that we listen to a lot of Pop Rock and Synth Pop bands and that’s where our inspirations came from.” – the young band told. Sharing more about their inspiration, Trance Effect said that they are influenced and inspired, every time they see a great live performance. The team added, “It was the love to perform live music and create music that drew us into forming the band, it motivates us every time into putting in the hours of effort until we get the music straight. We grew up watching our local artists and band performances, they have quite an impact on all of us.”

Indie Music, Meet The Pop- Rockers From The East - Trance Effect,

Debuts & More:

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown situation, there has been a considerable increase in streaming platforms. Trance Effect released their much-awaited debut five-track EP (extended play) which takes its name from the lead single. “We actually scheduled the EP release date before the lockdown was put into place. So, it was something that we didn’t see coming, we guess that’s just a part of life, full of uncertainty and surprises,” they said. It sparks a storyline emphasizing upon a journey where one goes through happy times in life, then a pause – heartbreak and in the end, finally finds love. The band added, “We want people to be on a roller coaster ride together with us through our songs and experience these emotions.”

Working majorly from both Nagaland and Delhi, their debut EP brings the conception of ‘time-travel’, the track ‘Clowns’ first verse carries a distinct meaning which can be signified as be the torchbearer of their EP: “If only I could travel, travel through time”. The entire album is accompanied with soulful yet rocking vocals, great guitar riffs and remarkable bass elements. The EP opens with the instrumental track ‘Of Time Machine and Never-Ending Stories’, their hit single – Clowns, a beautiful ‘Took Me a While’, dynamic ‘Favourite Mistake’ and the last, euphoric ‘More Love.’

Indie Music, Meet The Pop- Rockers From The East - Trance Effect,

Their album image is of a carnival artwork. Trance Effect explains, “In the illustration of the track New Beginning, Iuli can be seen entering a time machine and the destination set to the carnival which serves as the main venue of the EP cover. All the elements of the artwork have been inspired by the lyrics and our previous single – New Beginning. It is crucial to mention that the brainwave of the carnival theme arose from a track that didn’t make it to the EP but we are going to release it soon.” Telling more about the interesting illustrations, they further added, “The storyline of the EP starts from the time machine where Luli arrives at the carnival on the day of the EP launch, Imna is munching on some popcorn and using his phone to reach out to Sosang who is asking someone for the directions of the carnival venue. Meanwhile, Tako is playing at the Guitar Jamboree Stage which is a reference to the time when he got the opportunity to showcase his talent and passion for blues at Hornbill Music Festival. When all the band members are on the ground, Temsu is seen flying up in the sky so as to demonstrate his support for the band. We are extremely grateful to have Temsu as a permanent member.”

Upcoming Paths

Trance Effect has also received recognition from business tycoon Anand Mahindra when he shared the music video for their jumpy track ‘Clowns.’ “We never saw that coming, we all went crazy and we’re really honoured by his gesture”, they exclaimed. Well, this appreciation was definitely well-deserved! However, hindrances are also a major part of one’s growth. Similarly, the band had to face their own share of challenges as well. “One of the biggest challenges till today would be to set up a good time for jamming together as most of us are students, some working professionals and also the fact that one of our guitarists stays 72kms away from us(laughs),” they said. The greater part remains the fact that they still manage to make it work as music is something that they truly love and are ready to make some sacrifices, at times. They also said that their music has evolved a lot from where they were and are now. They believe, “It will keep evolving as the times passes by. We wish that we keep continuing to create music and right now, we have no plan to stop”

Indie Music, Meet The Pop- Rockers From The East - Trance Effect,

Having become a huge fan and supporter of ‘Trance Effect’, the band’s music evokes a sense of delight and is perfect to get your spirits up in these unpredictable times. Leaving a little teaser that they have already started working on the next project, the band is sure to keep you hooked to its extraordinary vocals and cool music skills.

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