We all love to gulp a good glass of wine but how do you know which wines are the getaways for a sophisticated experience? – National Wine Day 2021

Whether it’s just a get-together or a lazy lounging occasion, wine is now an option people often look towards. The classic taste of wine would always be like sweet nectar – a rich experience balanced with a symphony of fine tastes and textures. It’s a symbol of all of the goodness in life.

From soirees to solo pours, just sight, swirl, smell, and a sip of your glass of wine is what you need to lift up your spirits. It is believed that with every new wine, you are wiser. Ask any wine expert what’s the best way to learn about wine, and they will tell you to taste as much as you can. But where to start? And where to finish as well? Another important aspect of enjoying a fine wine is knowing how to pair a specific food preparation with an appropriate wine.

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

But, it must be difficult to gather the divine knowledge of wine, right? Not necessarily! If you have always longed for a fine wine experience that could elevate your senses, we got top experts and oenophiles choosing the most stand-out wines to pour ourselves a glass of absolute relaxation. While pairing food with the correct wine can be quite a daunting task, fret not, as this clubbing task has also been well taken care of.

6 Best Wines That You Should Not Miss (National Wine Day 2021)

While the US celebrates National Wine Day today, why should we miss this moment? Drawing in enthusiasts from all around the world, these wines are perfect to be sipped by themselves.

Vincent Girardin – Clos De Vougeot Grand Cru (National Wine Day 2021)

(Recommended By Megha Bhatia, National Manager, The Chambers and Manager, The Chambers, Taj Mahal, New Delhi)

“One of the wine labels that stands out is the Clos De Vougeot Grand Cru from Vincent Girardin. This notable dry red wine is made from Pinot Noir, aromatically very rich and elegant, with an intense bouquet of cherries, blackberries and musk. This wine strikes a beautiful balance between mellowness and acidity. It is a perfect pour for a spontaneous business lunch or a cosy dinner with friends and family at The Chambers which is in a re-imagined and re-designed avatar.”

How To Pair: “Cheese and wine pairings, and dark chocolate and almond boards, with a wide range of beverages, are some of the added touches to the unparalleled experience.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi – White Zinfandel National Wine Day 2021

(Recommended By Abhinav Handa – Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, Taj City Centre Gurugram)

“Talking about that one wine that truly stands out for me, is the White Zinfandel from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. This luscious wine uses unique growing techniques and cutting-edge wine technology. This California wine is prepared with a distinctive blend of grape varieties from the Lodi region located in the Central Valley of California and the result is a crisp and light table wine with hints of cherry and red berries.”

How To Pair: “It’s a widely-accepted fact that Thai food is best paired with Reisling; however when I tasted Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi – White Zinfandel, the union was indeed gratifying and the flavours complemented the Thai food better. Light and fresh like its white counterpart, the appeal of rosé wine with Thai cuisine is its crunchy acidity and a relatively dry character. Thai cuisine needs wines that balance out the full profile without introducing harsh contrasting flavours and the above wine worked beautifully with high-heat dishes while creating a fine harmony with its fruity notes. Thai food, known for its meticulous blend of exotic spices ingredients and aromas, pairs surprisingly well with the wine.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

Robert Mondavi – Pinot Noir (National Wine Day 2021

(Recommended By Ashish Singh , Mixologist, Vivanta Surajkund)

“A warm and fruity red wine, with a perfect accent of warm spice. Aromas and flavours of black cherry, freshly turned earth, damp stones, and forest abound. The palate is elegant and silky, with further notes of vanilla, clove, and pepper..

The Mondavi Pinot Noir has been created in a style reminiscent of great Burgundian wines. The end result is a wine rich with cherry and black plum aromas with hints of spice and indication of oak ageing shining through. On the palate, the wine develops these lush fruit notes, backed up by fine tannins and finishing with soft spice and an excellent length.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

Chardonnay Variety National Wine Day 2021(

(Recommended By Ravish Mishra, Executive Chef, The Westin Goa)

“I truly believe that a Chardonnay variety is one of the most diverse wines in the world! It goes well with a variety of foods as it is a decadent wine with many deep and rich layers. I feel this white wine boosts the palate with lavish flavours because of its oak presence. While I agree it is also a very popular choice among wine lovers, I think it deserves all the credit it can receive, as it also does a great job in bringing out the small nuances of great dishes and flavours when other white wines might not even be a fit contender.”

How To Pair: “Right from nuts like almonds, meat, seafood or poultry dishes, to fruits and veggies like potatoes, apples, and mangoes to name a few or even desserts like the hot favourite banana bread, a Chardonnay goes well with all.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

Rioja Red Wines National Wine Day 2021

(Recommended By Jones Elish, Senior Beverage Operations Manager, SOCIAL)

“For me, it would be Rioja (a wine region in Spain) that has been producing great full-bodied wines”

How To Pair: “These full-bodied wines pair extremely well with meaty dishes.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

Condrieu White Wines National Wine Day 2021

(Recommended By Jones Elish, Senior Beverage Operations Manager, SOCIAL)

“Another one for me would be Condrieu wine from Rhone (France) that has been producing a very good Viognier (white wine grape variety). It’s a highly aromatic wine with great fruit flavours.”

National Wine Day 2021: Best Wines To Buy, Best Wines To Drink

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