This year Navratri came at a time when social distancing is the need of the hour – but MKT went above and beyond with safety measures for guests, to let us enjoy their special menu for the occasion without fear.

While celebrations may have taken a detoxified phase, however, the last festivities of Navratri remarked a sumptuous feast with a number of options for everyone. Numerous culinary places in North India had beautifully incorporated modern flair into tradition through Navratri thalis. Thoughtfully curated by the chefs, a combination of satiating flavours amidst the safety haven of the restaurants make sure that celebrations may be intimate, but they are here to stay!

Giving the traditional Navratri thali a makeover, MKT in The Chanakya, New Delhi brought a curation of not one, but three different cuisines to treat the tastebuds – North Indian Thali, Oriental Thali, and Coastal Thali. Each of these thalis had dishes with a pleasant and unexpected twist for the palate. Their service was delightful and professional, to say the least.  It was an excellent, unassuming, and wonderful find for Navratri food.

 MKT, The Chanakya - Navratri Thali Review

Fast With A Feast:

With a great variety and fine-value tasting menu, one could savour the sumptuous delicacies of North India, Oriental delicacies and experience a whirlwind of satvik flavours. The food was exciting with high-quality presentation, service, and inventiveness.

What we really enjoyed about the North Indian thali was their Kuttu Ki Puri, which is an unleavened puffed up bread made of buckwheat, a healthier version of the traditional puri that is commonly eaten in every Indian household. It had the perfect puff that melted in our mouths with accompaniments as Paneer Makhani, Aloo Jeera, and Kaddu Ki Subzi. 

There was also a generous portion of Samak Matar Pudina Chawal, which is basically barnyard millet cooked with green peas and mint leaves. It tasted absolutely divine without any side dish that made us consider how we should cook rice the next time around. For dessert, we had a bowl full of Sabudane Ki Kheer, a traditional dessert made of sago pearls and sweetened reduced milk.

 MKT, The Chanakya - Navratri Thali Review

What really blew our mind with the uniqueness was the Oriental Thali. We have never had the pleasure of eating Navratri special food oriental style. They managed to create a menu that was authentic while keeping in mind the true essence of the festival. The two dishes that stole the show in this thali were the Cucumber Avocado Gunkan and Crispy Fried Lotus Stem. The former is sushi rice with miso sauce, rolled in a cucumber slice, and savoury toppings, while the latter is crispy lotus stem coated with honey, lemon, and spicy Szechwan oil.

For dessert, their Mango Coconut Sago – sago pearls and diced mangoes in fresh coconut milk, left us craving for more.

Finally, we proceeded to devour the Coastal Thali, and just like the other two thalis, it did not fail to impress. The Kuttu Ka Masala Dosa, made primarily with the buckwheat batter and potato was so different from the Masala Dosa we were used to having, but refreshing and wholesome with every bite. Our second favorite was the Malabar preparation of cottage cheese finished in coconut milk called Paneer Moilee.

While the flavors danced in our mouths, we could not help but wonder how the chefs managed to pull off three completely different cuisines without deterring from the festival theme.

 MKT, The Chanakya - Navratri Thali Review

Our Take:

The Navratri feast by MKT was one, we did not know we needed! It was thoughtful and skillfully crafted. Even as we went from thali to thali, there was a sense of continuity through some of their ingredients, some of which are buckwheat flour, lotus stem, raw papaya, and sago. This brought our appreciation for the chefs even more! Despite eating all three thalis at one go and filling our bellies to its fullest capacity, our greedy-food-obsessed selves wanted more.

Unlike before, the idea of “eating out” is met with slight hesitation. MKT, however, has gone above and beyond in making sure their guests are safe. Apart from the standard requirements of masks, temperature checks, and socially distanced dine-in, they have taken it a step further by giving a bag for your masks. They have also made it a point to wrap all cutleries the moment it is sanitized, so no one else touches it apart from the guests; even their sanitized toilets have seals to let you know which one you can use! At no point during our meal were we afraid to catch anything, this allowed us to enjoy the meal even better!

Would we ever go back and try the dishes from their other menu? Yes, we definitely would! The service was good. Food was good. Drinks were good. Safety measures were strictly followed. What more can we ask for? In fact, we have already planned to go back and try some of the other 17 cuisines they offer!

 MKT, The Chanakya - Navratri Thali Review

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