If you’re a makeup junkie like me, 2020 became an extra bummer for not being able to step out with your favourite products. However, the new mindful makeup line Kiro Beauty will definitely become a must-have in your makeup kit – for both in and out the house!

For a new product to venture into the cosmetic industry in 2020, there appears to be a number of checklists that need to be ticked off! For a Gen-Z like me, we want makeup that both cares for the environment and aesthetics that looks flawless on our snaps and feed.

That’s where Kiro Beauty takes the centre stage. Launched in the late-pandemic phase by entrepreneur Vasundhara Patni, she wanted her makeup line to make one feel glamorised by being responsible and sustainable. The range comprises of healthy cosmetics with skin-friendly ingredients. The 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand with quite an interesting concept of ‘makeup infused with skincare’ certainly evokes the promise of a well-balanced product.

Their current roster has creamy matte and liquid matte lipsticks, luxe highlighters and blushes, brightening eye products. Elated to know more about this mindful brand, I tried some of their products and needless to say, it will get you excited about clean beauty!

Kiro Beauty: The Go-To Name For Clean & Glam Make-Up

Mystifying Lipsticks:

Clean products are always perceived to be boring and in matters of makeup, it’s a complete no. While chemical-free products are sometimes called out for their chalky texture, smell and longevity issues, Kiro Beauty seems to have triumphed over all of the ‘clean beauty’ complications.

From their Lipstick range, I tried both the Liquid Matte (Sandy Mauve) and Creamy Matte (India Rose). What initially catches your eye is the floral graphics with magnetic additions and a matte-black bold look that creates a classic and funky look. Both the lipsticks have a sweet rich aroma of their own and come infused with apricot oil. The liquid one has additional avocado oil while the creamy matte contains jojoba oil. Both of the products have a rich texture, a lush colour that perfectly suited my own skin shade – a truffle brown skin tone. What I enjoyed most about the product was its light-weight and easy-even spread texture with the bonus that it kept my lips hydrated and lasted for some pretty long hours!

Eye Glam & Lush Blush:

Shadow sticks are the best thing to ever happen to eyeshadow. I tried their eyeshadow stick (peachy gold) containing vitamin C and mango seed oil. If you’re a makeup lover yet a lazy person like I am, then this works just right for you! The eyeshadow is super easy to apply, blendable and gives an even spread. The shade gives a fun and bold look, keeping the sophisticated millennial in mind. In one glide, it gives a luxurious, shimmery finish that may take hours to create with a palette. Not to forget that it stays intact for a really long duration as well!

Kiro Beauty: The Go-To Name For Clean & Glam Make-Up

I tried their eyeliner pencil in Sapphire Blue shade having argan oil and vitamin E. It delivers rich intense colour, after 2-3 repeated strokes. It is easy to glide and apply. However, the tip of the pencil appeared to be quite delicate and fragile, giving the notion that it might break off.

With blush becoming a significant part of most everyday makeup looks, the brand’s blush duos formulated with calendula and rosehip oil come in a compact and are satin soft, feathery light. As someone who enjoys a good ‘naturally-created’ blush, I tried their Classic Coral + Perfect Pink which steals the show. They are pretty easy to blend and create a natural cheek flush with a nice glittery aid. I love how lightweight they are and gave instant healthy rosy tints lasting for hours.

Inside Kiro:

Vasundhara Patni knew exactly what needed to be created specifically for the Indian skin, without compromising on ethics and quality, “I didn’t want to compromise on how clean the formula was going to be, but I needed to keep the essence of makeup – a fun and pampering ritual that is both safe to the skin and feels glamorous.” 

Kiro Beauty: The Go-To Name For Clean & Glam Make-Up

Launching a sustainable makeup line in the pandemic is no cakewalk. Patni credits their deep local, intense research that came up with a great lineup of super light weight products, “Indian weather conditions are different. There was a need for colour cosmetics that suit the weather here.Heavy makeup doesn’t work for us because it is too humid and no-one wants to feel cakey all day.” she adds.

Our buying habits have changed and we want brands that keep themselves transparent among the audience. Kiro beauty seems to take its vision a step ahead in India. The brand images include beautiful Indian women of most of the variant Indian skin tones, making them look more attentive and conscious to the Indian beauty needs. Not only this, the website itself gives a skin tone check when one visits for added personalised options.

Verdict on Kiro:

Discovering Kiro Beauty has been quite a bliss and just what my makeup-loving self needed! Being light-weight, I loved how casually I could put them inside of my house itself and feel good. 

The simple and minimal design on the lipsticks and compacts is pleasing and perfect to feed our social-media-savvy souls. The fact that a clean beauty product can give such high-performance products is just the tip of the iceberg! All of the products are gentle and skin-friendly that give a nourishing effect. 

Kiro Beauty: The Go-To Name For Clean & Glam Make-Up

Will I continue using Kiro Beauty? A definite yes! It’s a great insight when brands value personalisation and experience. Kiro manages to stay effortless while offering affordable formulations. Their affordable products already give a luxe feeling and we know, there’s more to come from this makeup brand!

Check the entire collection on their web store

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