Let your skin breathe fresh and clean during this long stretch of the summer season.

Months spent under warm layers and in heated rooms lend to a buildup of dry, dull skin. With the onset of summer, it comes time to shed the blanket of moisture and to embrace the season of change and renewal. Summer skincare is really important. Even when we work from home, our skin is exposed to the laptop screen that further results in dehydration and the skin starts to age faster.

From switching up the amount of SPF in your sunscreen to regularly moisturising it, your skincare routine definitely needs to change according to the changing season.  However, these essentials below can help your skincare regime right away to protect and renew your skin.

1. Exfoliators

When it comes to establishing good skincare habits, exfoliating correctly lets you achieve clear, smooth skin without rubbing it raw. Both physical and chemical exfoliators help soft and supple skin.

Face & Body Scrub By Body Cafe

Enriched with turmeric, ginger, this scrub gently exfoliates dead skin off your body and gives your skin a healthy glow. The turmeric and ginger essential oils bring therapeutic and antiseptic properties. The emollient-rich oils such as rosehip seed oil, cold-pressed avocado oil work towards nourishing your skin too while scrubbing the dirt off.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Body cafe

Jeju Volcanic Scrub By Innisfree

It’s a foam-based face scrub formulated with Jeju volcanic clusters to help cleanse pores while providing exfoliation. It powerfully removes excess sebum and impurities from pores, leaving clean and clear skin.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Innisfree

2. Cleansers

While you may not always have the time, stocking up on rich and nourishing skincare products can help you pamper your skin without elaborate rituals. Made with enriching ingredients, pick gentle face cleansers that promise to give your skin deep cleansing while also leaving it soft and nourished. 

Activated Charcoal Cleanser By Enn’s Closet

Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, this activated charcoal cleanser will get rid of all skin impurities and blackheads. It reconstructs the skin to leave it more radiant, elastic and youthful than ever before. Consider this an equivalent to cleansing or detox for your skin.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - enn's Closet

Multi-Action Foam Cleanser By Estee Lauder

Indulge your skin with this lusciously rich creme that cushions as it gently cleanses. Powered by proprietary technology, this non-foaming, soft creme formula works for all skin types and is ideal for dry skin. It gently removes impurities for a look that’s healthy, fresh and luminous.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - estee Lauder

3. Sunscreen

Come rain or shine, applying sunscreen has to be the most important step of your skincare routine throughout the year, especially in the scorching weather. It helps your skin retain its natural moisture and glow.

Daily Defense Sunscreen By Indya

Indya’s Daily Defence Brightening Sunscreen with glow-boosting SPF 30 sunscreen is the perfect ‘must have’ product. Made with aloe vera and rice bran oil that is naturally resistant to harmful UVA/UVB rays, this light formulation delivers a broad spectrum defence while moisturising skin and minimising sun damage.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Indya

UV Defense Aqua Gel By Kiehl’s

This product helps in refreshing and protecting with aqua gel sunscreen with SPF 50 PA++++ and formulated with advanced UVA and UVB technology. It is a unique non-comedogenic sunscreen that provides high protection with a lightweight, refreshing texture. Especially suited for oily skin, it hydrates and defends skin from damaging UV rays, leaving it shine-free, smooth and helps minimize the appearance of pores.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Kiehl's

4. Toner

Does your skin look alarmingly dull and is in dire need of a wake-up call? Toning your skin is a crucial step in keeping your skin healthy and glowing, and shouldn’t be missed in your skincare routine. It is a great way to ensure your complexion is totally clean and it gives an extra dose of active ingredients.

Hydrating Toner By Accoje

The hydrating aqua toner consists of volcanic bedrock water and hyaluronic acid which brings with them, purifying and softening abilities for your skin. This formula is for all skin types and also great for those who are using retinoid, as the hydration power can help minimize the likelihood of flakiness.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues -accoje

Green Tea Toner By Good Vibes

A lightweight, alcohol-free hydrating toner, effectively balances your skin’s pH levels, minimizes visible pores and instantly refreshes your skin. Ingredients such as green tea help in reducing dark spots, dark circles and blemishes while regulating excess sebum production.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Good Vibes

5. Vitamin C Serum

Thought that cleansing and moisturising your skin was enough to keep it young and radiant? Enriching vitamin C face serums can help a great deal in looking after your skin in the long run. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and together with other amazing skin ingredients, it can help diminish dullness, provides instant hydration, boosting the skin’s ability to retain moisture and helps for that radiant glow.

Green Tangerine Vita C Serum By Goodal

This serum includes green tangerine and vitamin C to reduce dark spots with low irritation gentle formula. Made out of natural Jeju green tangerine extract provides dark spot relief and bright skin.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Goodal

Vitamin C, E + Hyaluronic Acid Serum By St. Botanica

Enriched the goodness of vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid, this serum provides fast-absorbing hydration and nourishment. It soothes and brightens the skin, helping improve skin tone and texture. The presence of plant-based hyaluronic acid in its highest concentration in the serum provides maximum benefits to alleviate dryness too.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - St Botanica

6. Face Moisturiser

One of the must-have skin care products in your daily routine is a hydrating and nourishing face moisturiser. Be it gel-based or cream, that suits your skin type, it keeps your skin soft, provided you choose the right kind.

Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Face Cream By Love Organically

The Ayurvedic preparation of Kumkumadi face cream is a rich blend of kesar, chandan, mulethi,ajadudh, kanak oil, manjistha, imli, and ghritkumari that strengthen and protect the skin. It acts as a natural sunscreen. This organic marvel also acts as a healer for inflammatory conditions like acne, pimples etc.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Love Organically

Water Bank Moisture Cream By Laneige

This is a richly textured moisturizing cream that strengthens, replenishes and retains hydration levels around the clock. The moisturizing technology of Laneige strengthens the supply of natural moisturizing factors inside the skin and makes the skin moist full all day through this.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - Laneige

7. Face Packs

No matter what your skin type is, a face pack can instantly brighten up your face by cleansing it from within. It helps in deep cleansing the skin. A face pack can give you a spa-like treatment as it can relax the skin and keep it calm. 

Exotic Face Glow Mask By The Tribe Concepts

A unique luxurious blend of ingredients like marigold, chironji, red sandalwood, rose and khus, this mask is an unmatched product for all the glow getters out there!

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - The Tribe Concepts

Natural Clay Face Mask By The Moms Co.

Suited for oily and combination skin, the mask contains Moroccan lava clay and charcoal to detoxify the skin, absorb oil and brighten skin.

8 Skin Care Essentials To Beat The Summer Blues - The Moms Co.

8. Bonus Essential – Hand Cleanser Spray By Harkoi

The cruelty-free all-time essential with 70% alcohol content doesn’t dry your hands out. Enriched with Vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera and clean ingredients, it also comes with a sweet floral fragrance.

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