Producer and entrepreneur Deepshikha Deshmukh say ethical, green choices are the way forward for the beauty industry.

World Environment Day falls on June 5 and as a mother and an entrepreneur, I use every possible opportunity to speak up for our planet. Only if we make sustainable choices today can the future generations live peacefully and in harmony with Mother Earth. I launched my beauty brand ‘Love Organically’ in 2016 because I wanted to create a conscious beauty brand that makes green and ethical choices. I wanted to ideate the gentlest and purest of products and even use green packaging as much as possible. Our latest range ‘Love Veda’ takes the idea of sustainability even further.

I tread this path because I believe beauty brands are should enhance a sense of wellness and they cannot be called wholesome if they deplete the environment. Nourishment of the self cannot come at the expense of Mother Nature. It’s time that the cosmetics industry took steps to go green and formulated and packaged products in ways that are cruelty-free and sustainable.

World Environment Day 2021: Love Organically - How To Be A Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Beauty And Skincare Brand In India

Here are some of the steps that can simplify the process of going green in the beauty business:

Steer Clear Of Harsh Additives

We need to initiate the change right from the ingredients that must be free of parabens, harsh chemicals, mineral oils animal fat , coal tar and silicons. Long term usage of these harsh additives not only impacts the body but ecology. Synthetic and chemical products don’t just leave traces on your skin, but they also end up polluting the air and the water. As a matter of fact, according to some recent studies, some products that contain sunscreen can damage coral reefs, causing bleaching. The use of bio-cosmetics will help brands avoid these damages and protect the environment and its various ecosystems.

Our products at Love organically are free of parabens, mineral oil and all harsh chemicals. What we create is based on a ‘farm to table’ ideology and only when I am sure that a product is totally safe for me and my family, it is manufactured on a large scale use.

Stop Animal Testing

Animal testing is a cruel and inhumane practice and must be done away with. It is very important to be compassionate towards all sentient beings.

World Environment Day 2021: Love Organically - How To Be A Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Beauty And Skincare Brand In India

The consumers too have to play a role in demanding better standards from the brands they choose. The more awareness they cultivate about what exactly goes into their bath, body, hair care and beauty products, the less tolerance they will display towards unsustainability. While there’s still a long way to go to create more awareness- change is in the offing, like many brands, larger MNC’s and buyers of beauty take sustainable, eco-friendly steps that can make a huge difference in the bigger picture.

Use Green Packaging As Far As Possible

I am happy that there are conscientious, green brands showing us how to care for their customers and the planet by packaging their products mindfully. This shows that a beginning has been made and we’re one step closer to helping Mother Earth.

We for instance use craft papers, FSC certified paper that has been harvested responsibly, corrugated boxes, paperboards, vegetable inks, and the highest quality of recycled pet bottles. With our new Ayurvedic range, we’re going even a step further by using glass bottles and reusable containers. We also use biodegradable boxes to ship our

I believe small steps lead to big changes and I dream of the day when we could package all our products with the least amount of plastic. Right now the cost of sustainable packaging is really high and only if there was a collective shift and the industry came together for the larger good, we could create a healthier skincare industry for posterity.

Source Your Produce Locally

This is a good way to reduce corporate carbon-print and brands should source most of their produce locally. I believe everything we do today will define our tomorrow so we will continue to innovate and find solutions for a greener, happier environment. It feels good to know more and more beauty brands who want to support local farmers and stand for ethical farming practices, learn about healthy farming practices because We believe, what is grown in a healthy, natural way will feel good on the skin as well.

World Environment Day 2021: Love Organically - How To Be A Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Beauty And Skincare Brand In India

The pandemic has made everything difficult be it sourcing produce, creating products or delivering
them but this is also a learning opportunity for us all. This is the time when the beauty industry can
choose to take steps that serve the planet and make it healthier. The pandemic interrupted my
research on biodegradable tubes to carry liquid but I continue to learn because though profitability
and success are important, the earth is even more precious. Unless we honour, protect and preserve
her, any success we earn will be worth nothing.

Deepshikha Deshmukh is the daughter of renowned Indian film producer Vashu Bhagnani and Puja Bhagnani. She has produced multiple films under the production house Pooja Entertainment and launched Love Organically in 2017. Love Organically has now ventured into a skincare line for adults, breaking its barrier of being the only kids’ skincare brand. Keeping the essence of the brand intact, Love Organically has curated a skincare line that focuses on finding solutions from nature to solve the age-old problems of skincare as well as keeping the skin happy called LOVE VEDA. Their products are certified by the Ayush ministry and manufactured in WHO & GMP certified plants.

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