The food that we eat plays a big role in building our strength. It is really essential to know what kind of food is required and the actual emphasis on healthy eating, says Radhika Iyer Talati.  

According to modern science, it was a series of chemical evolutions that transformed itself into a biologically active universe, which in turn caused the entire biodiversity on our planet that we see today. It was presumed that life was just a chance occurrence and that it really did not have any inner purpose.

 Most of us today look at life objectively without really caring to understand the world as a single unit that functions on actual relationships forged between atoms, molecules and their energies. Indic wisdom talks about symbiosis in every aspect of our lives and this is precisely why what we eat makes us what we are. The entire process of evolution is based on the food chain, on the weaker being eaten by the stronger and so on. It is the most important aspect of the earth’s transformation today when millions of years of symbiosis leading to this point have put the very existence of this co-operation in peril. 

It is time now for us to take a hard deep look at the way food is being consumed. Did you know how food grown can have a major impact on our mental and emotional health? Not only what we grow, how we grow and how much we grow is important for us as a human race, but it is also detrimental to the survival of the earth itself. While most of us understand that organically produced foods have beneficial nutrients, more antioxidants and a holistic effect on your mind and bodies, very few of us are actually taking the necessary steps to increase their demand. 

Why Switching To Organic Produce, Organic Food Is The Need Of The Hour Now

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons the society must switch to wholesome, natural and organic products immediately: 

1. Pesticide-Free Produce

 In the race to produce much more than we actually need, chemical and synthetic fungicides, poisonous herbicides and insecticides etc are widely used across conventional agriculture lands. The residues of these chemicals stay within the plant, on the soil and in the water, slowly seeping into the food we eat and the water we drink. And while we combat newer diseases every day, these food and seed corporations earn billions of dollars at our expense. 

2. Fresher Produce On The Table

Organic food does not contain preservatives that are great for your body. Because it is not globally marketed, it gives us an opportunity to buy from small local farmers who produce this food for us on smaller farms. When we buy fresh produce from these farmers in local markets, we empower them to improve their production both quantity and quality-wise.

3. The Harbingers In Forging A Better Environment

Organic farming practices are known to reduce pollution, use less water, reduce soil erosion drastically hence increase soil fertility, preserve biodiversity and use much less energy. When chemical fertilisers are not used, it enhances other life forms and improves the quality of life of thousands of farmers and their families. 

Why Switching To Organic Produce, Organic Food Is The Need Of The Hour Now

4. Respecting Other Lives

The poultry and animal agriculture industry today consumes a whopping 68% of water. Apart from this, huge forests are razed to the ground to stock these animals, eventually torturing and mercilessly killing them for just our greedy consumption. 

When we buy cruelty-free meat, milk or poultry, we encourage the practice of consuming in moderation, consuming fresh and consuming only in need. It is important to understand that organically-raised animals tend to be more healthy and happy. Organic meat and milk can be richer in certain nutrients. Results of a 2016 European study show that levels of certain nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, were up to 50 per cent higher in organic meat and milk than in conventionally raised versions.

5. Move Towards A Healthy Symbiotic Relationship

When genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds are sown, the DNA that has been altered in them cannot make us healthy. These seeds have been created in order to be resistant to the very pesticides that these corporations spray on for better financial returns. Organic farming uses naturally available seeds that give us better immunity and wholesome health

6. The Need For Going Local

Everytime you purchase organic produce from your local market, you empower not only the farmer who grows it for you, but you also add to the consumption of local fruits, vegetables and other varieties of food that are either being imported from some other country or foods that are being produced in a more expensive way.  

Why Switching To Organic Produce, Organic Food Is The Need Of The Hour Now

Having said that, it is understandable that organic food is more labour-intensive as farmers who do not use any synthetic pesticide or chemical fertilizers need to hire more manpower that in turn will add to the cost of the final product. It is also well known that organic certification is an expensive and tedious process and organic feed for animals costs much more. 

But in spite of all these factors, organic farming is any day better for the environment because its practices increase biodiversity which is the crux of human health today. It is our duty to switch over to a more natural, wholesome and sustainable lifestyle. 

Radhika Iyer Talati is an Entrepreneur, Yogini, Model, Mountaineer and a Philanthropist. She is a believer in the Indic value system. Radhika’s brainchild Food by Anahata is a 100% organic and natural lifestyle brand. Some of the ideas for her recipes come from her 11 years of travels in the Himalayas, where she met sages, travellers, yogis, international students, locals, and various people, who shared these recipes with her.

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