These delectable 6 picks for your high-tea party are an instant hit to get your Valentine’s Day party started.  

If your idea of Valentine’s Day usually involves a night on the town with a swanky dinner at a candlelit restaurant, this year may not exactly have you brimming with anticipation. With indoor dining and intimate parties being the choice, you can still have your best times. 

Consider creating a cosy spot in the living room with cushions and the coffee table, put together a list of all your favourite music, surprise each other with themed boxes of activities, playlists, and treats that suit the interests. To make your home date special, these special homegrown brands with their best ingredients can help you win the hearts of your special one. You can even have a home-party with yourself with these delectables and make your evenings special and enjoyable.

6 Flavoursome Picks For Your Special Parties

We have got you covered with the coolest brands to get your party started.

1. Tea Amo’s Perfect Blends

Tea Amo is a tea curating company working with small-time farmers from the entire North East of India producing only traditional teas. So needless to say, they have some great steeps which are not just farm-fresh but also fair trade. Tea Amo is working towards making these farmers sustainable and to promote the tea culture. Taste their ‘FALAP’ which is made by the only tribe in the world – Singpho and is quite a delectable. 

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - Tea Amo

To place orders, you can directly contact @teaamogoa on Instagram.

2. Éntisi Chocolatier X Wander Ink

Éntisi Chocolatier has tied up with Wander Ink, a one-stop destination for works of art for Valentine’s Day. With every personalised card from Wander Ink, you can pair your personalised card with raspberry, caramel ganache, lychee rose and virgin mojito flavoured bonbons lovingly crafted in the shape of hearts. The box contains a 100% edible chocolate heart in wonderful flavours candied orange peel, pecan caramel and almond praline and a hammer. Smash through to reveal a bunch of surprises inside as well as a personalised message.

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - Entisi Choclatier

You can order here.

3. The Madras Collection By Kocoatrait

The Madras Collection by Kocoatrait, a sustainable Bean to Bar chocolate house have curated 75 boxes of a limited edition set of 9 exquisite flavoured bars inspired by flavours from Tamilnadu. Exotic and 1st-time local flavours Include sukku malli kaapi, filter coffee, kozhukkattai, malligai, mor miligai, panai sarkarai and more. They have enclosed this collection on a handmade palm leaf box.

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - Kocoatrait

You can order here.

4. Karma Kettle’s Cupid’s Choice Teas

Karma Kettle is a speciality tea company that prides itself on being one of India’s finest tea blenders. Created especially for Valentine’s Day, the Cupid’s Choice teas come in a bespoke tea box, complete with an elegant, nickel-coated teaspoon. Recipients will get to enjoy either Birdsong, a premium, silver tips white tea, paired with select lavender flowers and cockscomb flowers. When brewed, it transforms into a beautiful, delicate pink tea with subtle floral aromas and a sweet, lingering finish. The other option is Keya, a delightful, floral tea that blends the muscatel notes of white tea with red rose, pink rose, strawberries and fennel, creating an aromatic tea that celebrates the spirit of the season of love.

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - Karma Kettle

You can order here.

5. Enjoy Outdoors With The Gift Studio

The Gift Studio has introduced three high tea hampers for Valentine’s Day offering some of the finest flavoured teas. The Exotic Tea Trunk is a treat containing a mix of best-handpicked teas along with a tea timer to monitor the perfect brew and a high-quality tea infuser. The second is the Daily Dose of Caffeine Box containing the best brews. The Food Lover’s Trunk is a box of goodness containing a mix of sweet and savoury delights.

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - The Gift Studio

You can order here.

6. Mood-Boosting Range From The Brooklyn Creamery

The Brooklyn Creamery has created the perfect foil to comfort eating: a world-first indulgent, innovative treat in the form of mood-boosting ice cream, perfect for Valentine’s Day. The new ice cream flavours are also low fat and low calorie – which include specially-selected natural ingredients scientifically proven to help boost your mood. Cheer Me Up is rich milk chocolate and hazelnut flavour which brings added happiness; Energize Me is stimulating coffee affogato flavour for an energy boost.

Valentine's Day 2021: 6 Delectable Brands For Your Next High-Tea Party - The Brooklyn Creamery

You can order here.

Banner Image Credits: Tea Amo

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