While celebrations might not be grand in size, weddings and festivities are finding a way and still happening. From bridal lehengas to accessories, from celebratory venues to the trends, we have got you covered!

In a world riddled by the pandemic, we seem to be thriving on online planning, scanning festive trends, virtual fittings, and e-invites. And with new festive collections unveiled all around,  the indulgences are happening however in a low and intimate manner. 

With the sartorial stories shifting to a virtual space, our deep emotional connection to our festive and wedding wardrobe can never fade away. Living in a year that might not fit the regular words used to describe the Indian festive season, there are myriad ways to get started with the celebration – both in an appealing and meaningful manner.

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Abhinav Mishra - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Abhinav Mishra SS’20 Collection

Today’s wardrobe fantasy can be narrowed down to ‘Rooted in tradition yet contemporary and sophisticated’. A wide spectrum of hues with embellishments and quirky additions has been winning the hearts all over. Designer Abhinav Mishra shares, “With weddings becoming more intimate, there will definitely be a shift in the way brides want to dress. They are moving away from the traditional reds and maroons and opting for lighter outfits with prints and pastels. New silhouettes are emerging as one of the favourites.”

Abhinav Mishra is known for his traditional Indian techniques on a range of tones like hot pink, canary yellows, and lime. “I also work in wedding design and decor as a partner at Rani Pink, and we are already working on winter weddings with a whole different viewpoint. With intimate weddings and a shift in ideology, everything is being ruled by the new-age bride. She is conscious of the environment and expresses her ideas and opinions unapologetically. Since wedding ceremonies are a personal affair, brides do not opt for heavily embroidered lehengas. They are happy with bright prints, colours and minimal embroidery to highlight the prints.” tells Mishra whose designs are embraced by millennials like Anannya Pandey, Disha Patani.

Kunal Anil Tanna - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Model in Kunal Anil Tanna

Menswear designer Kunal Anil Tanna spills the beans too on the wedding-wardrobe-essentials for the experimental groom too, “‘Value for money’ is definitely a crucial aspect to consider. Classic reinvented silhouettes in neutral tones with hints of vibrancy constructed with minimalistic subtle textures would be preferred.”

The designer also talks about the conscious consumer-led shift in the wedding market too. “Sustainability is a responsible and more righteous concept that the fashion industry has been inclined to. Trends would most likely swing towards ‘value for money’ design sensibilities. The majority of Indian fabrics were meant to be woven using natural fibre, dyed in organic dyes using sustainable techniques. It most certainly needs to be revived and brought back to its original glory.”

Bling On!:

Kasmia Fine Jewellery - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Kasmia Fine Jewellery

India’s relation with jewellery dates back to more than 5000 years ago. All the glitter and merriment, the elaborate sparkling beauties, large rubies and emeralds mark the beauty of weddings here. Even amid a pandemic, wearers want to make the correct sartorial choices that make them stand out. 

For over 80 years, Kasmia Fine Jewelry, by the house of AKM Mehrasons has been catering to Indian opulence. Mrs Pooja Mehra of Kasmia Fine Jewellery guides “Most brides these days are not choosing traditional polki or jadau pieces and are opting for intricately crafting diamond sets, gemstone rings, earrings and choker sets. Gemstones, when worn contrast colour palettes, go a long way. When worn with luscious rubies and a navy blue or black outfit, it gives the entire look a pop of colour making it look very chic. Colour-coordinating is also a very prominent trend these days. For example, when the bride is wearing an emerald and diamond set, the groom adorns an emerald brooch to complete the look. Styling techniques like layering, stacking are very trendy these days. One can layer a diamond choker with an emerald mala if one has to attend a more formal affair. I think it is a very smart idea to pair two lighter pieces together rather than investing in one heavy piece of jewellery.” 

Neety Singh Jewellery - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Neety Singh Jewellery – Ambreen Collection

Classical jewellery brands have seen massive transitions with the changing nuances of Indian women. Bridal jewellery has always been about traditional heirloom jewellery, but minimal opulence has been given preference. 

Designer Neety Singh shares that the size of the jewellery depends on the mood, occasion and the personal style of the wearer, “If you are adorning a tukdi neckpiece for the big day, they can pair it with a few bangles to complete the look. If you want to go heavy, it can be layered with an emerald necklace to make the look more interesting. You can also keep the look minimal with pearls and diamonds. It gives a very graceful look. Chandbalis are a conversation starter too, where an exquisite pair can uplift a simple ensemble.Navrattan choker is our signature and when coupled with kanphools, it beautifully frames the attire. The idea is to interlace the modern India perspective with its old-world charm and keep the tradition and technique of jewellery making alive.”

Rightly Accessorised:

Lovetobag - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends


The experience of an intimate wedding or celebration is very exclusive and one can go extravagant in that too. Adorning oneself with the right accessories that bring out the best version of oneself is the key. There’s no denying that an accessory makes or breaks one’s outfit.

Contemporary and timeless arm-candies are perfect for everyone to bring in the glam factor to their outfits in the upcoming festive season. For example, designer Ayushi Kanoi’s Lovetobag’s classic flap-over clutch or a tassel ombre potli can be styled with extravagant brocade lehengas, making it elegant and suitable for all occasions. As cliche as it might sound, but the perfect match for any sequin outfit is a classic gold clutch – one can keep up their glam festive look by carrying a luminous gold or silver, micro-beaded clutch.

Fizzy Goblet - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Fizzy Goblet

When it comes to shoes, most brides prioritise beauty and comfort as an add-on that some shoes may carry. Laksheeta Govil, Founder of Fizzy Goblet shares, “Footwear has become a very functional link in the fashion chain. Aesthetics have taken a backseat. Comfort is driving the wagon. Minimal, understated designs have stood out the most on trend boards in the last couple of months and this seems to be just an accelerator. The lockdown has made brides and grooms change their priorities to choose designs that are both beautiful and comfortable.”

Shoes in pastel colours with sequins, pearls and tassels can give the dreamy and aesthetically pleasing look. These juttis of Tinsel Toes create a very fresh and joyful aura, perfect for the pre-wedding occasions too.

Tinsel Toes - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Tinsel Toes

But, Where to Celebrate?

Top-notch wedding venues like Amaara Farms in New Delhi have come up with initiatives like ‘Intimate Weddings by Amaara’, offering customizable and affordable packages for millennial weddings. Shivan Gupta, Founder of Amaara Farms, says, “Keeping up with the times, I felt there was a need to evolve and adhere to the rules of the new normal. With reduced travel from one place to another and staying home, my vision was to bring together industry stalwarts and offer all services to our guests under one roof. A wedding planner always has a number of partners which can be arranged under one roof. This saves one the effort of travelling to several vendors in different areas, helps practice social distancing and reduces human contact as well.”

Grand and luxurious weddings were affairs to remember. Currently, these grandness has only been toned down. All major elements have been transfigured as the pandemic brought some new ways for Indian weddings and celebrations.

Wedding in Amaara Farms, New Delhi

Shivan shares, “We have been lucky to receive bookings starting October 2020 till February 2021. Safety, sanitation and following protocols are the new trends for the year. Going sustainable and vocal for local, our partners use Indian flowers and textiles to decorate the beautifully landscaped farm. For an intimate wedding, we suggest beautiful locally available flowers like tuberoses (rajnigandha), marigold, roses, lilies. Fragrant flowers are always amazing and add a natural aroma to the space. With a limited guest list these days one can exhibit small and beautifully executed menus with personalised attention to the finest detail which cannot be done in large gatherings.”

Talking more about curated menu-styles, one of their caterers Puneet Sikand says, “These days we love to curate menus that we normally wouldn’t do for larger gatherings be it flatbread pizzas as starters with its innovative avatar or potstickers sizzling out on the pan; personal choice of trending Ramen with its exotic garnishes – all are possible in a comparatively affordable budget in current times.”

The concept of a celebration has made a positive shift towards spending time with the ones we truly love and cherish involving fewer people yet enjoying the elaborate decor, soulful food and all the lights, drama and emotions. Love and intimate connections will be the flavour of the season. Celebrations will have an even deeper meaning; an extra layer to the day where there is a moment to stop and reflect on the events of the past few months and be grateful for good health and safety. 

Amaara Farms - Festive, Wedding and Bridal Trends

Wedding in Amaara Farms, New Delhi

Banner Image: Abhinav Mishra SS’20 Mausam Mastana

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