With changing beauty standards and the need to look ‘good’ at all times, we navigate the new and upcoming driving trends in dermatology and the various cosmetic treatments the social set will be coveting in 2020.

In the era of photo-sharing apps, the need to look good has become more important than ever. Beauty influencers are becoming role models, and beauty treatments aren’t just restricted to women in the glamour industry. Teenage girls and boys are also becoming increasingly conscious about the way they look, widening the market. Another big factor leading to a rise in the popularity of dermatological treatments is the increasing disposable income of the millennial generation and the willingness to spend money on their well-being.

Here are some of the top dermatological trends –

Preventive Skincare Routine

There has been a major shift of focus from just treating the existing skin concern to adopting a skincare routine that’s more on the “preventive” side. Earlier, our patients were people who had obvious skin concerns like acne or dry skin. But now, even people with no apparent skin issues want treatments that will keep them looking younger by preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are also willing to invest in good quality products that can heal them from the inside rather than just from the surface of the skin.

New and upcoming driving trends of the beauty industry and the various cosmetic treatments.

Anti-Pollution Skincare

With air pollution in India reaching alarming levels, anti-pollution skin is the need of the hour. The effect of pollution on our skin has been studied for a long time and research shows that pollution can trigger skin inflammation and premature ageing. The smog and dust in the air contain tiny particles such as nitrogen dioxide which create free radicals when they come in contact with UV rays. These free radicals then lead to the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. These particles also clog the pores of the skin which makes it look dull and discoloured. Anti-pollution skincare uses antioxidants as Vitamin-C and Vitamin E to protect the cells from free radicals and prevent the formation of new free radicals that can harm the skin. While preventive routine and anti-pollution skin care are some of the latest dermatological trends, certain cosmetic treatments have also gained popularity thanks to innovations made by new technologies.

The latest cosmetic treatments are setting the trend in 2020 are –

Preventative Injections

Prevention is better than cure; this realization is changing the face of the aesthetics industry. Request for aesthetics procedures will not just be limited to women in their 40s. Women as young as in their mid-20s are realizing that the earlier they start the anti-ageing treatment, the more effective it will be. The demand for non-invasive and low-downtime cosmetic treatments is on the rise with the younger generation. Most patients are seeking wrinkle smoothing injectables, such as the Botox. Another popular choice is preventative dermal fillers that can be used to add volume and shape to different areas of the face such as the cheeks, jawlines or lips.

new and upcoming driving trends of the beauty industry and the various cosmetic treatments.

Thread Facelifts

Thread facelift is the newest solution to facial skin laxity. Until recently, the only way to fix this problem was facial surgery. But technological advancement has introduced the method of thread lift, an effective and minimally invasive procedure for the face and neck. In this procedure, temporary threads are inserted into the skin to produce a “lift” in the skin. Thread lift has many advantages over facelift surgery, the biggest advantage being a reduced recovery time. While surgery requires patients to take some time off work in order to heal after thread lift patients can go back to their daily jobs almost immediately. Since thread lifts are minimally invasive, there is almost no risk of bleeding, scarring or severe bruising.

With the advancement in technology and the ever-rising beauty standards, the cosmetic industry will see even more exciting innovations in the coming future. Having said that, the Covid-19 pandemic has also brought about some changes in the beauty industry. With people spending more time at home, there has been a spike in the demand for home-skincare kits, homemade beauty products etc. People are turning to home remedies to take care of their skin. Along with this, there is an increase in the demand for locally made products. With people becoming increasingly conscious about health and environment, natural and organic products are sure to gain popularity. These trends will not just be limited to the pandemic but will shape the future of the beauty industry.

New and upcoming driving trends of the beauty industry and the various cosmetic treatments.



Dr Priyanka Reddy is a renowned dermatologist, cosmetologist and trichologist in Bangalore. She is the founder of DNA Skin Clinic and Wellness Centre, a leading dermatology centre in the city. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and believes in a holistic approach to healthy skin, body, and mind. 

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