Shoppers, consumers are looking for fun statement wearables that can transport them to far-away lands, to a mini-adventure. And this whimsical, summer camp jewellery is one portal to having a carefree season.

For most of the time, I didn’t intend to go one whole year wearing that same black and beige all the time. I couldn’t help it. Every time, I decided to show up, a little bursting out in colours, the emotional strength and the will always take me to the same old choices. How am I not bored yet? March dragged into June then into January. My days were flabby and formless. Until this summer, I saw people bubbling out in varied shades of shocking pink, calming green, balmy blues – they were all out to hunt for fun and enjoyment in life. Well, then summer camp jewellery happened all again!

I saw everyone on the Internet – from Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid to Chiara Ferragni embracing this “free-spirited” – summer camp jewellery through whimsical bracelets, candy-coloured rings on all fingers, sweet beaded necklaces. “Colours in any form have always been symbols of joy. Each bead, each colour is a representation of beautiful and happy memories. People love to express themselves with these gemstones to highlight unseen sides to their personalities,”  tells Mamta and Vidhi Gupta, the founders of jewellery brand, Zariin. 

Image Credits: Zariin Jewellery Summer Camp Jewellery

They are a fun nod towards finer jewellery and a brilliant addition to the high-low mix for the new generation. “In such unpredictable and delicate times, jewellery is a tangible reminder of the joy we are still capable of experiencing. The younger crowd does respond to the abstract, the colourful, the emotional and the free. It is not about the opulence or grandeur as much as it is about the way the piece connects with their identity. In the end, jewellery is a vessel of emotion,” Pradhyuman Maloo, Jeweller and Creative Director for Nornament weighs in. about summer camp jewellery

Jewellery Is Back To Summer Camp: Summer Camp Jewellery

The pandemic has hit a new soft spot for everyone to define their own set of “vacation aesthetics” that makes them dreamy and optimistic. The general feel of this summer camp jewellery is around self-expression, ease and comfort. “People are craving the world we miss. Everything we took for granted, and everything of the past is looked at with fond longing. I think everyone is holding on to nostalgia and any form of joy they can find in such a bleak time.” reasons Pradhyuman.

Nornament’s new collection called ‘Strings of Connection’ is a beautiful amalgamation of 12 different strings specially hand-picked and curated with visually striking beads, “The strings represent the kind of connection that we find inspiring. They symbolize the kind of connection we have with art and nature and the essence of everything around us and how that connection gives us strength and joy” he adds.

The Rise of Summer Camp Jewellery and why we cannot get enough of it
Image Credits: Nornament ;Summer Camp Jewellery

The founders of Zariin jewellery decided to bring the long-lost days of summer getaways through multi-coloured gemstones and Baroque pearls that can teleport you to dreamy tropicals. These offbeat approaches to detailing have been ultimately translated into layer worthy necklaces, funky earrings, rings and bracelets to match!

The founders share, “Inspired by the concept of taking it easy and having some fun, we crafted a collection that asserts that holiday is a state of mind and sometimes, all it takes is fabulously fun jewellery pieces to get you in the mood. Especially in these times, where travel is restricted and work tends to take over, we wanted our customers to wear these pieces and reminisce about the good old times and have hope for future adventures.”

Anything bright and playful is always good and this seemed to be what many designers are rushing to put themselves to loud, eccentric and whimsical statement pieces. Tribe Amrapali’s latest collection – Summer Song is to embrace the eccentric looks to capture the playful nature of the season.

Akanksha Arora, CEO of Tribe Amrapali tells, “We wanted some colour & fun element for summer something which you can easily wear, have fun wearing it around and reflect the sun. The idea was to make it wearable yet whimsical – colourful jewellery which is airy, lightweight and easy to carry.”

Image Credits: Summer Song By Tribe Amrapali

Back then, if someone would have told me that my vintage exclusive summer camp jewellery would be a form of connection and inspiration for the harder times, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously. Who thought some old-school, DIY-ed jewellery would be injecting people with happiness so much that even International luxury brands like Bottega Veneta and Versace would also put a luxury spin on the trend.

At Camp Balenciaga, letter block beads spelling out the brand’s name are surrounded by hearts and stars while designer Carolina Bucci made neckpieces of vivid, precious stones like jade, turquoise instead of sparkly beads. Even luxury brands cannot keep their hands away from this summer camp jewellery!

The Relation Of The Pandemic With Whimsical Jewellery: Summer Camp Jewellery

These colourful accessories do not require a lot of commitment; for people like me who still are finding it lazy to even dress up for their own mental satisfaction, these happy beads could be a vivid sign of hope and inspiration while you still go out in your same old sweatpants. As humans, we are all looking for bright spots and beacons of some light during these gruelling and difficult times. 

“People aren’t turning to jewellery for occasions right now. It is more than that. It is becoming a companion, a piece of memory that we can hold and cherish.” states Pradhyuman.

The Rise of Summer Camp Jewellery and why we cannot get enough of it
Image Credits: Zariin Jewellery;Summer Camp Jewellery

With references from past and yesteryears evident all across the Internet, it’s just a matter of a fraction of seconds that you would be already missing the balmy summer afternoons with just a baby top, a side of classic Britney Spears music and two pigtails spiced with the most colourful scrunchies. Didn’t just teenage memories hit you right?

“They like to take a trip down memory lane with the help of dressing up in fun colours and edgy silhouettes, and the same trend has transferred to jewellery. 2021 has also become the year where Y2K fashion is trending and that tells us just how much people love having colours around themselves to cheer them up during these tough times,” explains Mamta and Vidhi.

During these long months of closure, definitely, there have been times when you let your mind wander, reflect and go back in time to relive memories. This jewellery is a reflection of all that you could be doing. “Especially in summer when the light is bright, all you want to do is see rainbows, play in a pool – there’s an easy-breezy vibe that takes you down the memory lane and that reminds you of the beads, colourful stones you use to wear back then and would want recreate the same look now.” shares Akanksha. 

“Jewels for us has become a beacon of comfort, hope, resilience and togetherness. We have started associating jewellery with so much more than what it used to be.” Pradhyuman remarks.

Who would have thought these colourful, little things could inject a sense of fun and playfulness into people’s lives?

Would This Vibrant Jewellery Be Another Trend?: Summer Camp Jewellery

Here in India, jewellery is more than just an ornament, it symbolizes tradition, blessings and culture. However, this kitschy, summer camp jewellery may not align with the “classic heavy styles with a huge price tag attached” – emotion. But, for both crowds in the same world, one thing that will stand tall is that we bear a deep emotional connection, a sentimental process.

The Rise of Summer Camp Jewellery and why we cannot get enough of it
Image Credits: Summer Song By Tribe Amrapali ;Summer Camp Jewellery

“We will continue to see people choosing jewellery which resonates with their values, thinking, mood, memories and emotions. The coming era should be very colourful in terms of design, materials, signage and meaning of jewellery.” Pradhyuman thinks.

Hence, retailers and brands think that this whimsical jewellery is on indefinite growth. Moreover, these additional colour schemes can only prove to be a treasure for the existing colour codes.

Mamta and Vidhi open up that they had an absolute fun session while crafting their ‘The Road Trip’, “It’s been a few months since we launched it, but we continue to get a heart-warming response”.

There’s also the fact that the colourful jewellery highlights a cultural moment where people are daydreaming of a summer that’s carefree and removed from the troubles of our current times. As for what comes in the near future, we will look to reminiscence our past. 

“Certainly, people have become bolder to explore experimental and non-traditional pieces of art and jewellery. We will continue to see people choosing jewellery that resonates with their values, thinking, mood, memories and emotions. The coming era should be very colourful in terms of design, materials, signage and meaning of jewellery.” explains Pradhyuman.

The Rise of Summer Camp Jewellery and why we cannot get enough of it
Image Credits: Nornament ;Summer Camp Jewellery

Although “minimal aesthetics” would be something I personally crave to master, shoppers continue to scream for dramatic, eccentric pieces even more. In the current warp-speed fashion cycle, you will always find certain aesthetics and trends getting updated or even throw out and move on to the next aesthetic. 

“We believe fashion trends are a cyclical process, and colourful jewellery is a trend that people are sure to reach out for every summer. With jewellery as versatile as this, it is less likely to go out of style,” adds the duo of Zariin jewellery. 

But, summer only lasts for a good number of months in India. Since the wearers can step into a youthful mindset and get a much-needed break from an otherwise harsh reality, would these colourful beaded, summer camp jewellery lose their charm when we can finally move out freely? 

Akanksha answers my dilemma, “That’s the thing about trends they come in, fade out and then come back again.”

Banner Image Credits: Chiara Ferragni/Instagram

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