This weekend, as we celebrate 74th Independence Day, we have brought to you some Indian cuisine delights that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your homes!

Gifted with a rich culinary history, India celebrates its 74th Independence Day, this year. Many of the ancient food traditions and methods that form the basis of our culinary lineage and have left a significant mark across cultures. With a large assortment of dishes, most regions and groups have created a distinct taste for themselves varying in great ways. Well, how about starting off this special independence day – weekend with some culinary feasts right from your home?

ARRÉ TOO GOOD MAN…! – A Culinary Walkthrough of Colonial India

Celebrate Independence Day with a delicious Anglo-Indian feast, courtesy Chef Rahul Akerkar and team Qualia. Take your taste buds on a tour of Colonial India with a specially curated menu, full of colonial classic dishes, that are bound to leave fully sated, yet hankering for more! 

Available on pre-order only, Qualia’s ‘ARRÉ TOO GOOD MAN…!’ is a complete set meal with mains, desserts and drinks that serves 2 to 4 people. Take your pick of 2 from the main course options like Buff Glacie; Dak Bungalow Chicken & Egg Curry; Tamarind Coconut Pomfret Curry. Dive deeper into the Indian side of Colonial food with Qualia’s curry and lentil-based side dishes – Cabbage Foogath, Dol Mash, Railway Vegetable Cutlets, Radish Red Lentil Curry & Saffron Coconut Rice. This Anglo-Indian meal would be incomplete without some authentic local chutneys. On offer are Mother-in-law’s Fiery Tongue, Palau Chutney, Groundnut Chutney. Top the meal off with a delectable dessert from the colonial hub of Goa – Dhol Dhol, The Teatotaler, Earl Gray, hibiscus, lime, and tonic. You can even add your own gin or vodka to the mix if you prefer!

ARRÉ TOO GOOD MAN...! Independence Day

Available for pre-order for deliveries on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16. The meal package for 4 people is priced at INR 8270 + tax and the meal for 2 people is priced at INR 4135 + tax. Orders should be booked a day earlier at least by calling at +91-7304586862. 

Address: World Crest, Ground Floor, Lodha, 402, Tulsi Pipe Road, Mumbai

ARRÉ TOO GOOD MAN...! Independence Day

JW Mariott’s ‘Spoonful of Patriotism’

The JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu brings to its guests  ” A Spoonful of Patriotism” a special Independence Day brunch menu on 15th & 16th August 2020.

The diverse cuisines from across the country offer many unique tastes, textures and flavours. This brunch is a culinary trail comprising dishes across 7 different regions of India. Guests can pre-order the brunch experience at home which will be delivered keeping in mind all safety measures. Chefs have curated an enormous menu of signature dishes from diverse cuisines across North and South of India offering unique taste, textures and flavours – Bharwan aloo Bukhara kebab, India gate Ki Samosa Channa chaat, Punjabi kadhi Pakodi, Mumbai Pav Bhaji, Golda chigri malai curry ( lobster) among others. Round off your meal with Baked Bebinca with custard and berries, Shahi Tukra with rabri, Malai cham cham, Imarti cheese cake.

JW Mariott’s ‘Spoonful of Patriotism’ Independence Day

Indulge in a unique experience with family within the safety of your home as you get a taste of multiple cuisines that make India the foodie’s paradise it is by calling at +919004616506. The brunch for two starts at INR – 4,299 + taxes from 11am – 8 pm on both 15 and 16 August.

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru’s Independence Day Offerings

 Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has curated a special menu to mark the richness of flavours of this cultural tapestry. With a Bento Box Menu for takeaway as well as a dine-in option, there are dishes from the vast expanses of the country.

One may open with appetisers such as the delicate khandvi from Gujarat and delicious chapli kebabs, mains such as Mangalore prawn gassi or the famous, slow-cooked Bengali delicacy kosha mangsho or fragrant awadhi dum biryani. A range of Indian breads goes along, such as Khameeri roti, Malabar parotta, fluffy luchis or Amritsari-style kulchas; regional delights such as honeycombed malai ghevar from Rajasthan, chhanar payesh and ada pradhaman with coconut milk

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru's Independence Day Offerings

The highest level of sanitation and hygiene safety is being followed as per the guidelines of the global Four Seasons program, Lead With Care. The À la carte items: from INR 550 + taxes while the Bento Box: INR 2,600 + taxes for two persons comprising appetizers (any 2), mains (any 2), biryani (any 1), Indian bread (any 1), dessert (Any 1). To place an order, call +91 76191 46004

Art of Perfect Garnishes and Finishing with Chef Sanjana Patel

The Classroom by La Folie is custom-designed to create an ideal ambience for learning and discovering nuances of the culinary arts. 

Art of Perfect Garnishes and Finishing with Chef Sanjana Patel - Independence Day

In a two-day, interactive demo-style online class from 13-14 August, participants will learn how to take desserts up a notch with the perfect garnishes and finishing. This class will cover multiple finishing techniques and skills, including tips and tricks to create visually stunning desserts. Priced at  INR 4,500 per person from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Zoom, people will learn Chocolate garnishes and tuiles, Meringue, Bubble sugar, Candied dehydrated fruits and garnish, Piping techniques, dehydrated crumbles among others. A recipe pdf will be provided to all participants before the class too. 

For more details visit

The Best of Levant Cuisine by Rue Du Liban

To enjoy a lazy Independence Day weekend in, order Rue Du Liban’s brunch menu that highlights dishes of Levant and North Africa, while featuring bold flavours and layered textures.

The Best of Levant Cuisine by Rue Du Liban - Independence Day

Available all-day on Saturday and Sunday, the menu consists of several classics like Arnabit Bel Fern, Batenjein Bi Tahini, Kharouf Shank, Greek Egg Shakshuka, Shrimp Saganaki amongst others. Each dish on the Weekend Brunch menu is accompanied by two pieces of freshly-baked pita bread. It is available all day on Saturday, August 15, 2020, and Sunday, August 16, 2020, and can be ordered on Swiggy.

Address: Sassoon Building, 43, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400023

Indulge In A Good Cause With La Folie

La Folie, the homegrown chocolate brand by Chef Sanjana Patel, partners with GoGround, a Kerala-based cacao farming cooperative, to give back to cacao farmers via farming cooperatives and entities that La Folie works with.

La Folie, the homegrown chocolate brand by Chef Sanjana Patel, partners with GoGround, a Kerala-based cacao farming cooperative Independence Day

When you buy any chocolate bar from La Folie, 10% of sales proceeds will go to GoGround, the entity in Kerala that La Folie sources its Indian cacao beans from. Through GoGround, funds collected will be used to buy farmers distributing pumps, allowing them to spray Bordeaux Mix, a fungicide used to prevent the “black pod” disease. In cacao farming, a large part of the farming is done by women. The funds raised from the sale of La Folie chocolates will also be distributed by GoGround to these women, to support their economic independence. 

Treat yourself to La Folie’s wide range of bean to bar chocolates that are made from the finest single-origin cacao, ethically sourced from across the world. 10% of the sales proceeds from all chocolate bars sold through till August 15th, 2020, will go directly to GoGround.

La Folie, the homegrown chocolate brand by Chef Sanjana Patel, partners with GoGround, a Kerala-based cacao farming cooperative

Banner Image Courtesy : JW Mariott Mumbai

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