L’Oreal Group-owned luxury beauty brand Lancome is to launch its first virtual experience store in Singapore globally to encourage female customers to explore their strength.

Called Lancome Advanced Genifique #LiveYourStrength, the Singapore store is named after the brand’s Advanced Genifique serum, aimed at highlighting the 11-year-old signature skincare line.

The virtual store features five different zones, providing an immersive 3D virtual shopping experience. Upon entering the first zone, visitors can learn about microbiome science which powers the Advanced Genifique’s patented formula. Customers are encouraged to take a ‘Lancome Strength-Finder Personality Test’ designed by psychologist Dr Perpertua Neo to explore their personality strength.

Lancome's First Virtual Flagship

The store’s second zone features a virtual consultation service where customers can take a selfie and receive skin diagnosis through an artificial intelligence tool E-Youth Finder. Customers can also have face-to-face screen consultations with a Lancome beauty advisor for more in-depth advice. The third zone presents a nationwide FindYourStrength campaign featuring 100 women sharing their stories of inner strength and lifestyles. Each woman was invited to complete the Lancome Strength-Finder Personality Test, so visitors can find those who share similar archetypes with them. The fourth zone is dedicated to a series of live-stream sessions carried out by regional and local celebrities, together with special guest appearances. The last zone of the virtual flagship resembles the brand’s physical store, offering a full range of Advanced Genifique products. The zone also includes features such as a personalisation machine for customisable products.

Lancome's First Virtual Flagship

The Lancome virtual flagship store will be open from August 28 to September 20. Visitors can access the flagship via a URL link provided by the brand.

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