TUMI, the leading international travel, lifestyle and performance luxury brand, launches the breakthrough TUMI Virtual Store to debut its spring 2021 collection.

Ushering in a creative new age of digital retail that connects fans with the brand like never before, the TUMI virtual store is a dynamic storytelling medium that inspires customers to embark on a journey through thoughtfully designed interactive touch points and activations.

From exploring the Virtual Store’s sophisticated visual presentation of a cutting-edge space to engaging with shareable social photo moments and entertaining mini-games; guests can also discover TUMI products via mesmerizing 360° 3D and AR implementations and shop the Spring 2021 collection’s latest styles.

TUMI Leads Innovation By Launching Innovative Virtual Store

Further enhancing the overall TUMI O2O (“Online to Offline” but also “Offline to Online”) shopping experience, the Virtual Store is connected to other TUMI shopping channels via its ‘Chat & Shop’ function allowing for seamless customer movement to the point of purchase. Customers exploring the virtual store can easily connect with sales associates to ask for advice and questions, and to place orders, or they can do so via the connected local e-commerce websites. Furthermore, those visiting the TUMI physical stores in the region can explore the TUMI digital landscape via in-store kiosks, for an enhanced offline experience.

With the goal of being everywhere where the customer is, the virtual store adds another dimension in TUMI’s evolving omnichannel retailing approach. The launch of the TUMI Virtual Store also sees TUMI roll out its first-ever ‘Regional Livestream Event’, bringing all of the Asia Pacific and the Middle East customers together in the digital realm to unveil the Spring 2021 collection.

TUMI Leads Innovation By Launching Innovative Virtual Store

“The TUMI Virtual Store is an incredible milestone for the brand. For the last few years, we have been pioneering new digital experiences and looking for ways to enhance and elevate the customer journey. Our new Virtual Store is part of this holistic approach to connect with our customers wherever they are and evolve with their changing circumstances and lifestyles. Accelerated digitization and shifting customer habits brought on by the turbulent 2020 have reinforced this direction and shown that we must continue to create exciting, meaningful interactions both in the physical and digital worlds.” says Adam Hershman, Vice President of TUMI, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Enter Tumi’s virtual store here.

TUMI Leads Innovation By Launching Innovative Virtual Store

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