With an immersive environment, Designer Vaishali’s store launch is a one-of-a-kind experience, a first in the Indian market. Anyone can be a part of the experience safely and remotely, without a screen separating the client from the collections.

Vaishali S is launching an augmented reality store that gives the user an immersive fashion experience and the feeling of walking through the store to get a closer, detailed look at all the garments. To interact and experiment in this manner will revolutionize the client-store relation with customized benefits and attention to individual surroundings.

Vaishali Studio Launches A Virtual Store

The focal architecture of the store will be replicated as is, to create an atmosphere that gives a signature view of each section. It provides safe access to choosing the look that fits you, as the client can try on clothes virtually simply by uploading their photo, at the click of a button. The wall between their screen catalogue and the actual space will become invisible, seamlessly blending real-time surroundings to create a sensitive new perception.

A single stroll through the store will translate to experiencing the form, structure, and silhouette of each garment, signature hand weaves transcending the boundaries of screen to a physical presence.

Vaishali Studio Launches A Virtual Store

The sensation is created through boundless animated designs with augmented reality being the need of the hour today. To remain in a secure environment and shop without having to estimate whether a garment size or colour or shape is suited to you is the futuristic vocabulary drawn into the launch of this luxury concept store. The innovative frame that the concept is built around maximizes client interaction and store experience to upgrade instantly from online catalogues and video streaming.

A live VR store with statement pieces, and a digital stream that flows effortlessly between weaves of different hues and origins enhances the Vaishali S experience, bringing it exclusively to our homes.

The world is shifting to a new plane of existence with social distancing becoming the main concern. 3D virtual reality is a new way to go beyond the 2D screen and divulge in a new-age experience immersed in the luxury of exclusivity.

Take a stroll through the VR store exclusively on their website –  www.vaishali-s.com

Vaishali Studio Launches A Virtual Store

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