For some long four-five months, we have been stuck in our homes. Well, still now! And it’s time we make the most of this ‘home cum office’ space. Here’s the guide for that home office that is here to stay for a long time.

As working from home is becoming more popular, so is the emphasis on how to make your home office look stunning. Some days, working from home can make us feel unenthusiastic and low; however, if your home office looked amazing, your motivation will come by itself. If you are one of those mothers, who are chilling around wearing pyjamas until noon, looking after your toddler, running home errands and managing all your business calls alongside- welcome to my world!

 Guidelines for ‘home cum office’ space, Home Office, WFH

I have had the experience of both worlds – working from an MNC set-up and working from home, both full time. What’s best about working from home is the warmth that an office lacks. So why not we take advantage of that? Some of us might feel un-engaged from a home set up, as we miss physical meetings, interactions and that corporate buzz, but all this can be handled well if your home office has that ‘good vibe’.

The focus here is not on how to make your office beautiful but rather on how to make yourself more efficient while working from home. You might have heard of ‘your home is a reflection of who you are’.  This is particularly true when it comes to where we work and how. Other than the universal facts that an ergonomic office chair, high-speed internet, proper work desk, a nice pair of noise-cancelling earphones, there are other factors which keep you engaged in your work and not let the procrastination kick in.

Guidelines for ‘home cum office’ space, Home Office, WFH

My home office is a place of inspiration for me and I love to style it with a colour that calms me down.  I have seen that sunlight and a room with a window are ideal for converting into your ‘home office’ as there is no replacement to fresh air and natural light.

I feel connected to the outside world using succulents and some living plants around, all these remind me of my wellbeing and allow me to take a ‘pause’ and ‘breathe’. These are essential as, while working from home is relaxing, you wouldn’t come to know when it gets overwhelming especially for those who are workaholics.

Guidelines for ‘home cum office’ space, Home Office, WFH

Simplest of the things like a bunch of fresh flowers, can make you feel lively and make your day bright. I feel it’s not possible to look at the bunch of fresh flowers and feel dull or demotivated. Likewise for walls with serene wallpapers of natural scenery or some nice wall art of your favourite travel spot keeps you energetic. Accessorizing your office with some objects that create a sense of balance for you is pivotal, it could be your favourite reads, a family picture, or the recently trending work from home ‘BINGO’ on your pinboard, that lets you stay productive, fun and healthy.

Lastly, yes, we all need a gorgeous office at home but that doesn’t imply that we cannot take a break and enjoy working from a terrace or from the comfort of your living sofa sometimes. 

Guidelines for ‘home cum office’ space, Home Office, WFH


Neha Jain is the Co-founder of UDC Homes, an epitome of art in decor. UDC Homes has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years.

Believing in the philosophy that the perfect finishing touch enhances the ambiance of a space, the company designs and curates its wallpaper collection for retail and distribution to global retail giants. Bold motifs, subtle textures, vivid colours and intricate patterns—the wallpapers are evocative of the rich Indian culture and heritage. Its wall coverings wear their Indian-ness proudly on their sleeves, offering us a refined aesthetic to decorate our walls with in a way we never could before.

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