new beauty launches for festive season

A quick lowdown of all the beauty launches that are awaiting to be in your carts while taking care of your skin and helping you to create the iconic looks for the festive season.

The festive season calls for extra skincare attention and some glam makeup looks with a highlighter brighter than any party lights or vibrant liners to creatively turn heads. Be it a cocktail party or an evening out with your pals, the onset of October means you’re going to have a blast. But, doesn’t it mean the onset of autumn and winters too? Ofcourse, there are jugs of hot chocolate, snuggly blankets and fleece-lined coats to look forward to. But,  this time can be very harsh on dry skin and leading to concerns like peeling, flaking, dry patches and itching. Also, flaky scalp, dry hair can be a total buzzkill to your otherwise ‘Good Hair Day.’

However, brands have rolled out some exciting launches catering to your skincare and haircare concerns that are a good space to start filling your beauty boxes ahead of the new festive season. Here are some of the best and exciting beauty launches that you may want to get your hands on soon.

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Hair Density Tonic By The Earth Collective – New Beauty Launches

Continuous hair problems like hair fall still haunt every one of us. A new introduction by The Earth Collective, which stands now as the one-stop-shop for all haircare lovers and enthusiasts alike is the Hair Density Tonic which is an advanced 3-level therapy. This hair tonic promises to treat, heal all the damage levels individually and collectively against all three levels of hair loss – genetic, cellular and hormonal. The nourishing concoction of this formulation makes it an all-in-one solution for every possible cause of hair loss.  It penetrates the scalp and nourishes it to make follicles stronger while controlling hair fall and increasing density.

New Beauty Launches - Hair Density Tonic By The Earth Collective - New Beauty Launches

Brightening Essence And Cleansing Oil By Kama Ayurveda – New Beauty Launches

Kama Ayurveda‘s kumkumadi range have found an irreplaceable part in today’s Ayurvedic skincare and wellness section. Adding two new products to the already hero portfolio of the Kumkumadi range, the brand has launched a brightening bi-phase essence which is an easy-to-use mist, for fresh, radiant skin while at home and even on the go. It is a lightweight formula that lends a dewy glow and even, plumps, softens and illuminates skin. The next is a clarifying and brightening cleansing oil which is a lipid-replenishing oil that gently lathers on moist skin to deep cleanse and imbue it with an after-rinse glow.

New Beauty Launches - Brightening Essence And Cleansing Oil By Kama Ayurveda

Jeju Cherry Blossom Range By Innisfree – New Beauty Launches

If you follow a daily skincare routine, most of the time you look to achieve skin that is clear and translucent, and one of their most popular ingredients is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, with their sweet fragrance and amazing skin-benefiting properties can work wonders for you.  Innisfree’s Jeju Cherry Blossom range promises to light up your skin and glow up day. From a lightweight cream to a gel cleanser, from a revitalising lotion to a day cream – they allow you to have an instant boost of radiance on your face.

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New Beauty launches - Jeju Cherry Blossom Range By Innisfree

Face Serums By MyGlamm – New Beauty Launches

The most impactful step in a skincare routine, a powerhouse serum, drenches skin in pure treatment. MyGlamm launched its first range of five serums with advanced natural ingredients. With botanical extracts, antioxidants, minerals, and other dermatologically proven, potent ingredients the serums are ultra-concentrated, easy-to-use formulations. From acne issues and wrinkles to dark spots, dryness and irritation, the serums promise for a radiant, refreshed, clean and blemish-free.

Face Serums By MyGlamm  - New Beauty Launches

Vegan Hair And Skin Biotin Gummies By Faith And Patience – New Beauty Launches

Beauty supplements are the new route to shinier and smoother hair. We love extra help when it comes to our hair care routine. Faith And Patience launch biotin hair vitamins that are delicious in taste too. They have zinc too that plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. These hair gummy supplements contain multivitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that protect your hair from free-radical damage that blocks hair growth. They are 100% vegan and comes in a pack of  60 gummies.

Vegan Hair And Skin Biotin Gummies By Faith And Patience  - New Beauty Launches

Biodegradeable Makeup Sponge By Tsara Cosmetics

Clean cosmetics company, Tsara Cosmetics launched India’s first biodegradable blender called Gen G blender made of corn, water, natural preservatives, natural pigments and bronopol. The first of its kind, this can degrade in 180 days in a home composting environment and the materials used help for easy makeup application, skin-friendly and ultra-soft. It is less porous allowing for maximum coverage and minimum product absorption. The blenders can be stored in mesh bags to let them breathe and air out after usage without worrying about the formation of bacteria or accumulating dust. 

Biodegradeable Makeup Sponge By Tsara Cosmetics - New Beauty Launches

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