Capturing the many moods of her fashion label, Designer Arpita Mehta celebrates her decade in the fashion industry with the launch of a coffee table book.

A reflection of the moods spanning the decade long journey of fashion label, Arpita Mehta, the coffee table book tells a story of fashion that many can resonate with — through a series of words, anecdotes, retrospectives, emotions, themes and beautiful imagery.

Arpita Mehta Launches Coffee Table Book - The Mirror

The photos offer a peek into the label’s inimitable aesthetic, featuring iconic looks from campaign shoots, candid captures, in the making of, and moods in the form of endless inspiration. From the unseen to the most breathtaking, this visual compilation reveals the remarkable breadth of the designer’s work. It is a tribute to the years gone by, but also a celebration of all that there is to look forward to in fashion. 

Arpita Mehta Launches Coffee Table Book - The Mirror

This gorgeous reflective blush cased coffee table book has been brought to life with an attention to detail design. It features beautiful collections, campaigns, people and superstars. The 250+ page book is composed to inspire oneself. What makes the coffee table book extra special, and even more a signature Arpita Mehta creation, is that it comes clad in a hand-embroidered mirror work jacket, custom made for this milestone creation.

Arpita Mehta Launches Coffee Table Book - The Mirror

It is a collectable that is designed to be easily devoured and treasured in a timeless fashion. Curated by the fashion designer herself, The Mirror has been written and edited by Kinjal Vora and art directed and put together by Tarana Sheth Sabharwal.

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