The future of hair repair: Aveda launches new vegan botanical repair collection with plant-powered technology that took 6 years to develop!

Aveda’s new vegan botanical repair collection provides plant-powered 3-layer repair that is said to instantly strengthen and repair hair from the inside out. The botanical repair collection took 6 years to develop with efficacious plant technologies that can provide powerful deep repair for damaged hair.

The botanical repair is a high-performing, vegan, 93% naturally derived2 collection of both retail and professional products powered by this innovative 3-layer hair repair technology that transforms hair with the power of plants. Plant-powered molecules help repair hair by multiplying bonds critical to reinforcing hair’s strength and integrity at the core, while a nourishing macro green blend detangles and smooths the cuticle to prevent breakage.

Aveda Botanical Repair Collection

Camille Sasik PhD, Aveda’s Director of Hair Care Research and Development said, “Damage repair is an extremely sought-after benefit and our team is always researching and studying new technologies and natural ingredients to address this need. The botanical repair took us 6 years to develop because we were so committed to delivering the strongest-possible benefit using ingredients from nature. The result is a 93% naturally derived2 collection with powerful plant technologies such as sacha inchi, avocado and green tea. Plus, botanical repair leverages a molecular plant technology to build bonds at the core.”

Aveda Botanical Repair Collection

The botanical repair collection is 93% naturally derived2, silicone-free, sulfate cleanser-free and vegan; and like all Aveda products, is cruelty-free and manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy and carbon offsets.

It also features a naturally-derived fresh, light floral, herbal aroma containing certified organic ylang-ylang, rose and marjoram essential oils, leaves hair smelling as indulgent. The bottles, jars and their respective caps are made with 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, eliminating of virgin petrochemical plastics in these forms. The tubes are made with a minimum of 59% post-consumer recycled materials and up to 41% bioplastic, and their respective caps are made with a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled materials.

Aveda Botanical Repair Collection

Find the entire collection here.

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