The highest-quality of precious coloured stones, make their debut in the Bentley Jewellery collection, bringing a gleam of colour.

The introduction of coloured gemstones into the Bentley Jewellery collection brings a new dimension to the exquisite luxury accessories treasured by discerning women around the world. Brilliant gemstones from around the world reflect the range of paint choices in their model line-up.

Bentley’s famous Sequin Blue colour – inspired by a sequin from a blue dress – was devised in 1996 with a combination of pigments using blue mica. Even rarer among gemstones is the Padparadscha sapphire which varies from yellowish to orange-pink and together with Ruby is part of the corundum group. The gemstone is very rare and valuable and has been found in only a few deposits in Africa, notably in Nigeria and Namibia.

Luxury Jewellery Collection At Bentley Now Has Rare Gemstones

The finest cutters, designers and setters at the centre of the high-end gemstone world share the exemplary skills and craftsmanship found at Bentley’s home in Crewe.

Maria Mulder, Bentley’s Head of Colour & Trim, says research indicates that there is a deep connection between colour and personal emotions. ‘Colour influences mood,’ says Mulder. ‘There are subtle differences that change every year within the palettes we use. The environment and the social circumstance in which we live also have an effect, so now we are seeing warmer tones, not the recent neutral tones or simply the black and white of the cars of the mid-1990s”.

Luxury Jewellery Collection At Bentley Now Has Rare Gemstones

The new addition of coloured stones to the jewellery range will now offer customers another choice of adornment with which to express their personality. Just like Bentley’s use of paint colours and effects in its model range, coloured gemstones will add an emotional, exclusive and distinctive dimension to a form of personal luxury.

Prices for the Bentley Jewellery Precious Gemstone Collection start from €6000 and can be found at their web address.

Luxury Jewellery Collection At Bentley Now Has Rare Gemstones

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