One of India’s upcoming ethnic-wear label, Chidiyaa launches Festive Collection 2020

Weaving ornate tale of Indian craftsmanship and techniques through each of its ensembles, Chidiyaa’s Festive Collection is an amalgamation of colours, textures and weaves that paints a stunning image of celebration, joy and ritual. The collection unveils in 3 chapters, each an intricately crafted ode to celebration.

An ornate tale of Indian crafts woven through 3 chapters, each is a rebirth, of habits and rituals, of spirit and positivity. Pooja Rajput, founder and creative director of Chidiyaa, carefully constructed each chapter with a distinct design language through fabrics, prints and draws inspiration from the world around her and the future she envisions.

Chidiyaa launches Festive Collection 2020  - Temp Zine

Jaswanti is an ode to the Hibiscus, a flower known for its divine energy and consciousness. The chapter is bound by a thread of comfort and warmth, brought alive through luscious indigo sarees and crop tops, replete with floral motifs. A line of Chanderi sarees is for the believer, the one that exudes comfort and warmth and lives each moment with the intention of adding it to her savoured treasure trove of memories.

Manjari embodies the tenet of ‘less is more’. Each Jasmine bud comes together to create a picture-perfect vision, that tickles all the senses and transports you to another place. A line of exquisitely woven linen-zari sarees, this chapter has been conceived in earthy tones, flowing silhouettes and versatile crop tops. Ideal for the do-er, Manjari shines for its understated elegance brought to life through the coming together of seemingly disparate elements to create a beautiful contradiction.

Chidiyaa launches Festive Collection 2020  - Temp Zine

Rang, the joyous and lively manifestation Pooja’s vision for the future, is a cornucopia of colours, prints silhouettes, finished in modal silk. One for the dreamers, Rang celebrates the little things, moments that change our perspective, make us wonder and readjust our compass. Crop tops in this chapter are finished with plunging necklines and wrap details and is ideal for the audacious and bold fashionistas who want to make a statement this festive season.

Pooja Rajput’s reverence and support of slow and conscious fashion is reflected in the collection. It comprises of 32 sarees, across modal silk, linen zari and mulmul, as well as  20 crop tops in mashru and modal silk. Inherently Indian, it is finished with traditional block printing techniques in Bhuj, Gujarat and is the truest representation of Indian handicrafts at its finest.

Chidiyaa launches Festive Collection 2020 - Temp Zine

Jaswanti and Manjari are now live whereas Rang unveils on 23rd October. The collection is available exclusively in their web store.


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