Samyukta Nair’s Dandelion and Param Sahib have come together with an early addition to the 2021 statement wardrobe- a collection of loungewear with heritage in sleep to kick start the new year. 

This New Year as you’re coasting through meetings, shaking off the holiday fog and painting your life anew, maximalist designer Param Sahib, known for expressing his creativity through his vibrant colours and bold prints, joins hands with Samyukta Nair’s bespoke sleepwear & lifestyle label, Dandelion to launch ‘Hurrah Hindustan’ – an eclectic collection of loungewear with roots in sleep that sees pyjamas transition into daywear with ease. 

Dandelion Dandelion by Samyukta Nair and Param Sahib  : Hurrah Hindustan

In a time when the lines are blurred between social and personal, ‘Hurrah Hindustan’ is an exploration of a new cultural paradigm that champions celebrating our intensely Indian roots where a brightly nostalgic print story from our collective memory meets contemporary styling and design.

This coming together of an international sensibility and Indian dazzle takes place through a dandy representation of prints depicting India’s royalty, wildlife through the lens of a stamp collection, and love for celebration with bold beaded tassels in playful silhouettes of crossover co-ord sets, kimono style tops with ruffled shorts, tiered & maxi dresses and an asymmetrical jumpsuit in addition to classic sleepwear styles. 

Dandelion by Samyukta Nair and Param Sahib  : Hurrah Hindustan

Sharing his thoughts about the collaboration, Param says, “I am an Indian bridal wear designer and partnering with Dandelion on this collection was an opportunity to bring my sensibilities to everyday fashion- making each day more exciting. The challenge was to create a collection that has the flamboyance of my busy nostalgic prints in bright pops of colour yet were in keeping with Dandelion’s relaxed approach of everyday living. The idea was to create eclectic prints across easy-going silhouettes that just light up like a year full of excitement to come”.

 Samyukta added, “Hurrah Hindustan’ gives us the opportunity to look inwards, connect with our culture, and revel in it while maintaining an international rhythm with the rest of world. To someone like me whose so proud to be Indian but considers oneself to be a global citizen this balance and celebration of individualism is so incredibly key and has never been more important than now.”

Dandelion by Samyukta Nair and Param Sahib  : Hurrah Hindustan

The original artwork created for this collection draws from our collective cultural heritage seen through a global lens. Hurrah Hindustan is made of 5 prints- the King of Hearts and, the Queen D of Dandelion, ‘A walk on the wild side’ that draws from an India stamp collection reminiscent of Christmas mail to mainland Britain, ‘Technicolour’ inspired by ladis and tassels, and ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ that draws from the Indian elephant’s life across Royal processions, temple visits and leader of the jungle. 

Entirely handmade, all-cotton, and styled in distinctive prints, Hurrah Hindustan brings Dandelion’s signature notched collared pyjamas and shorts set alongside introducing a series of loungewear styles.

Dandelion by Samyukta Nair and Param Sahib  : Hurrah Hindustan

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