Fendi announces the opening of the iconic ‘Fendi Caffe’ at Selfridges, London

Fendi announces the opening of the iconic FENDI CAFFE in partnership with Oxford Street’s famous department store Selfridges, starring a special Holiday creative, the latest interpretation of the Roman Maison’s pop-up concept.

The Fendi Caffe is a takeover of the 14-seater Champagne Bar, The Fount, located in the heart of Selfridges’ Accessories Hall on the Ground Floor, with an exclusive Fendi curated menu and transformation of the space into a modern contemporary experience.

Fendi announces the opening of the iconic 'Fendi Caffe' at Selfridges, London

The concept for the Fendi Caffe is inspired by the new Fendi Holiday collection, featuring the distinctive colour palette of powder pink and signature Fendi yellow, taking centre stage at the pop-up. The invigorating bold coloured collection is designed to bring a touch of the festive charm to the winter wardrobe, including women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories available at Selfridges.

In keeping with the holiday essence, the accessories have a chic, playful and ironic take on the signature packaging and suitably named Fendi Pack, which has inspired a unisex offering of bags and small leather goods embellished with the iconic logo. The Pack styles personify the décor of the Cafe, expressing the Maison’s instinct sense of humour and ingenuity.

Fendi announces the opening of the iconic 'Fendi Caffe' at Selfridges, London

Reimaging the iconic FF logo in pink, the space will also be adorned with this print to create a captivating graphic look enriching the setting for the cafe. Imparting a pink theme throughout on glassware, coasters, napkins as well as decorative details for the menu’s food and beverage.

The menu’s manifestation of café refinement includes champagne, personalised Fendi Cocktails served with FF ice cubes, as well as sweet and savoury bites. The coffee selection’s highlight is the signature FF cappuccino served in porcelain cups decorated with Fendi’s iconic Pequin striped motif designed in 1983, bringing the spirit of the Maison from Roma to London.

Fendi announces the opening of the iconic 'Fendi Caffe' at Selfridges, London

The Cafe is open from 3 December 2020 until January 2021 at Selfridges Accessories Hall, Ground Floor.

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