Titled “Garden of Hope”, this installation at Phoenix Marketcity offers an immersive experience combining art & technology for Positivity & Hope.

One of the country’s largest and most sought after lifestyle & luxury destinations  Phoenix Marketcity Kurla is ready to reopen as the per directives of the Government. The ‘Garden of Hope’ installation showcases the blooming of flowers denoting life and prosperity after a dark time. The flowers blossoming give out the message of positivity & rebirth.

The installation is a 30 ft tall structure standing on a flower bed made up of reflective mylar. The bed is covered with over 15,000 such flowers. With complex origami shapes of flowers, light, and movement that blend both the physical and digital, this exhibit gives you the opportunity to connect with nature in an elevated environment. The mechanism used in the installation helps to create a pattern of the flowers opening and closing in tandem with each other, keeping the hope alive of welcoming a new day and bringing in fresher perspectives.

The mall has steadily sustained its endeavour to patronize and curate pioneering initiatives within the arts, pushing the envelope and blurring the line between retail and aesthetics. The mall has collaborated with renowned experiential design veteran and art director Aaquib Wani to create a breathtaking exquisite floral sculpture that sent out a powerful message of hope to the world.

'Garden of Hope' - Art Installation At Phoenix Marketcity

“Phoenix Marketcity Kurla has been known for its steadfast support of art and constantly pushing the envelope to produce mesmerizing, large-scaled artistic décor within its massive walls for the aesthete’s viewing pleasure. We believe art installations inspire and enliven the spirits of the customers. With the current situation, this particular installation has been commissioned to instil hope, gratitude and positivity in our guests and to reinforce the importance of nature. The installation of colorful & beautiful flowers stands for gratitude, togetherness and is a symbol of hope and a new day, blooming bright and shining “says, Mr Amit Kumar Senior Centre Director, Phoenix Marketcity, West

'Garden of Hope' - Art Installation At Phoenix Marketcity

“Collaborating with Phoenix Marketcity Kurlato design this installation has been a great experience. The mall is so spacious and tastefully designed; it lends itself to my aesthetic vision seamlessly, and complements the installation perfectly. The idea was to create something meaningful, in-keeping with the current situation, that transports you into another world and a place where people could come and be one with the installation. “says Artist Aaquib Wani.

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