Stylish, Comfortable and Innovative – It’s All About Home (IAAH) has been a golden name that always aims to blur the lines between art, object and functionality. Their new collection reflects an urban aesthetic, influenced by the rich eternal heritage of the past.

Staying true to their 60-year-old legacy spanning 3 generations, IAAH takes pride in transforming ‘houses’ into ‘homes’. The Spring-Summer Collection give their patrons the choices and indulgences to create a seamless look throughout their space. Each product in the collection is based on the theme ‘Congenial & Transitional ’ and ‘Extends the Floor Art’.

IAAH Launches Spring-Summer Collection 2020

The new line of carpets radiates an International appeal while celebrating the exquisitely embroidered and hand quilted bedding exhibits the brand’s trademark attention to detail and Indian craftsmanship.  The brand has taken forward with its inclination towards superior quality and manufacturing expertise using its 60 years of exports legacy.

Rugs and Carpet line is a play on perception, each design in this series takes us on a journey through a parallel reality to a bygone era featuring Moroccan style with Beliva and Ingrid Dhurries. Through 2D surfaces, the brand has created 3D worlds to make us daydream and spark our imagination with the help of Senilia. Made of Chenille, which is a unique fabric characterized by its fuzzy piles which look like a caterpillar, the hand-tufted carpets are made of materials like wool and the lightly weaved rugs comprise jute, cotton and wool in muted tones.

IAAH Launches Spring-Summer Collection 2020

The SS collection is an exciting portfolio of inspired and differentiated style statements that expands the reach of the brand. The bedding collection is featherweight, comfortable and felicitous for all seasons. Whites and ivories are offset by darker shades of nougat, terracotta and azure, and woven in smooth 100% premium cotton. The collection is made with soft, and fluffy staple fibre of India, featuring glimpses of European Revival & Rustic Modern Indigos era style. The quilts and shams showcase the brand’s characteristic attention to detail and timeless artistry, infused with unique prints and quilting techniques like Trapunto which is also often referred to as a “stuffed” quilting technique.

IAAH Co-Founder, Gunjan Gupta shares, “I am greatly inspired by our family’s long legacy in Home Decor. Our design philosophy is threefold -Firstly, IAAH’s products are a reinterpretation of traditional Indian home and lifestyle objects. Secondly, the brand is deeply embedded in Indian art and materiality, which conjures a sense of tradition unique to India. Finally, sustainability plays a significant role in the brand’s design philosophy—IAAH uses only eco-friendly materials for all its products.”

IAAH Launches Spring-Summer Collection 2020

Store Address: Gurgaon:104/9, Ground Floor, Revenue Estate, opposite Metro Pillar Number 92, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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