Karara Mujassme, exquisitely crafts ‘The Great Grand Gazebo’, an awe-inspiring marble gazebo, evoking decadence and timelessness.

Architects have always used ornamentation to enliven and inform their work. The Greeks favoured caryatids, Gothic designers embraced gargoyles, and the Art Deco era saw the rise of pyramidal motifs. While architects and interior designers decorate homes with exquisite ornamentation, why should gardens be left behind? Enter the Great Grand Gazebo, an awe-inspiring marble gazebo crafted by Karara Mujassme. Established in 1995, Delhi-based Karara Mujassme offers timeless outdoor furniture and home decor products.

The Great Grand Gazebo is a pristine marble gazebo inspired by dreamy Victorian gardens. It is known as the Great Grand Gazebo as it is the third in a series of marble gazebos created by Karara Mujassme over its 25 year history. This majestic pavilion is the largest of the three, featuring 12 columns, and also boasts of detailed decorative elements. It has been crafted from Proconnesian marble from Turkey and it took 5-6 artisans over two years to complete this piece of art. The entire gazebo is made from the same lot of marble, therefore, the hue of the marble is uniform throughout the pavilion. The marble block was carefully selected from the mines, keeping in mind the desired colour and density. 

Karara Mujassme Brings The Great Grand Gazebo

The front and back façades of the gazebo are accentuated by exquisitely detailed Romanesque arches supported on columns. The arches are adorned with carvings depicting paradisiacal scenes complete with angels. The intricately crafted caryatid marble columns and floral details add elegance and artistry to the gazebo. Each column and arch is unique and features distinctive elements. For instance, the pavilion’s four main columns depict the four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Furthermore, small slabs of marble are placed between each column that can be used as holders for decorative pieces such as planters or urns. These platforms also offer a spectacular spot to sit and gaze out into the garden. The pavilion has been designed and crafted entirely in India by Indian artisans.

With the Great Grand Gazebo, Karara Mujassme brings the charm of Europe to India. Established in 1995, some of the Company’s most memorable projects include installing a Victorian handcrafted gate at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, lighting the Wagah Border with beautiful ornate cast-iron lamp posts, and the beautification of Mussoorie, Nainital and Rishikesh, to name a few. Karara Mujassme’s marble sculptures and cast-iron furniture have also graced the doorways and halls of leading hotel chains and esteemed institutions of India such as the Taj Hotels, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Radisson Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Lalit Hotels, HRH Udaipur, the Mayfair Group of Hotels and more.

Karara Mujassme Brings The Great Grand Gazebo

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