Raniwala 1881 launches their new 2020-21 Bridal Collection – Beawar Legacy – an exploration of the brand’s rich heritage and legacy.

The Jaipur-based fine jewellery brand – Raniwala 1881 introduces their latest Bridal 2020 collection – Beawar Legacy. The collection acknowledges and explores deep-rooted secrets of its heritage that stems from the town of Beawar in Rajasthan and started with the late visionary forefather, Rai Bahadur Seth Champalal-ji Raniwala.

The Beawar Legacy collection from Raniwala 1881 stems from not just metaphorical, but also literal inspirations rooted in the family’s Beawar haveli. The design language comes from the palatial structure. The juxtaposition of Rajput and Mughal architecture in the sprawling estate can be seen in the collection as well.

Raniwala 1881 introduces their latest Bridal 2020 collection - Beawar Legacy.

Additionally, fine design features like the intricate ornamentation and detailing in the mehrabs and gumads, the latticework in every corner, the iconic baradari, and the artefacts of Champalal-ji are all echoed in the collection. 

The narrative of this collection is centred around three sisters of style and substance, as they return to their ancestral home in Beawar. But going beyond just honouring history, the collection reimagines the jewelry to give them a modern a flair and a global outlook.

The motifs in the collection follow the contours of the intricate wall carvings, while the colours borrow from the multi-hued inlay work on the marble flooring and interiors. Furthermore, a deep dive into the Raniwala 1881’s family archives and albums brought to life the individualistic sensibilities of the formidable women from the founders’ family. The result is a collection of modern classics for the bride of 2021. The collection has been broadly divided into three main looks.

Raniwala 1881 introduces their latest Bridal 2020 collection - Beawar Legacy.

The Mahadevi Look, named after Late Rai Bahadur Champalal-ji wife, is an aristocratic range. The collection has recreated her opulent taste and penchant for gold zari silk saris and magnificent jewelry with sizeable polki sets with statement embellishments including sheesh pattis, tikkas spruced with Zambian emeralds, bajubandhs, kadas, bangdis and hathphools.

The Radha Rani Look is personified by Radha Rani, late Ganeshilal-ji’s wife, whose style was characterized by wispy chiffon saris and minimal jewellery. This line retains her signature old-world-charm with back-to-basic designs, inspired by the Raniwala haveli. There is a generous use of pearls in the flat-cut tikkas, bajubandhs, kadas, bangdis and hathphools.

Chandrakanta, Sushil-ji’s wife, was renowned for her forward-thinking outlook. She balanced her customs with modernity; just like this line of ethno-contemporary jewels that boast a young-yet-rooted sensibility. Raniwala 1881 have employed navratna gemstones and coloured stones to infuse a youthful spirit to the collection. This range features sheesh pattisnavratan kathi necklaces layered with pearl strings, kadasbangdis and hathphools

Raniwala 1881 introduces their latest Bridal 2020 collection - Beawar Legacy.

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