The new collection is about changing the focus from modifying to modernizing. 

Ridhi Mehra follows a minimalistic yet effective design philosophy, working with understated colours, fine innovative embroideries and creating lavish demi-couture pieces. The A/W’20 Collection titled ‘Reflections’ is an amalgamation of the deep-rooted Indian traditions with that of an expansive and evolving counterpart.

The collection is a powerplay of bright colours and striking patterns. Keeping the age-old craft of mirror work at its core, Ridhi Mehra has woven together novel designs and techniques, articulating a couture equivalent of the ‘old wine in a new bottle’ rhetoric.

Ridhi Mehra Launches A/W'20 Collection 'Reflections'

Drawing inspiration from Kutch and its royal heritage, they have blended the artsy mirror work along with bohemian embellishments and a riot of colours with contemporary silhouettes. In the process, hence, having birthed a collection that’s magnificently luxurious and marvellously affordable.

Every outfit in this collection has been threaded to fuse, jewelled work, mirror embroidery into a mix of elements like Gota, Zari, Silk and even prints. Furthermore, there’s an inter-paly with rich fabrics like chiffon and organza, adding more flair to the luxe factor.

Ridhi Mehra Launches A/W'20 Collection 'Reflections'

This collection offers an eclectic array of silhouettes ranging from the traditional Anarkali to modern sarees and jumpsuits. The brand has evolved from changing the face of fusion wear in India to establishing and further strengthening it’s widely popular and lauded contemporary style.

Visit Ridhi Mehra’s web store here.

Ridhi Mehra Launches A/W'20 Collection 'Reflections'


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