The right choice of chic footwear can speak volumes and we spill the secret today about all the cool, summer shoe silhouettes 

You might think that footwear is the least worrisome object to pick when your heart is set to make a statement. But is that so? Of course, with the pandemic, our social lives have made us pick trends that are whimsical and stylish to the core but not something that comprises comfort. No, we are not talking about sad-looking, flimsy sandals that you drag around the house like a worn-out soul.

So, the top contenders rocketing the footwear trends would be currently those magical, pretty, minimal summer shoes that makes them so perfect. If you have an appetite for timeless kitten heels or maybe just regular, open-back, flat shoes, we are happy to inform you that these chic summer sandals come equipped with the best of all choices, possible. We love how these shoes balance practicality but invite all of the fun. 

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

Blurring the lines of comfort and forward design, we did the search for you as these are classically deemed ones and you got to stay beyond the basic trends.

The Stunning Summer Shoe Picks Sitting On Our Cart Now

Ahead, these are our pretty summer shoe finds that will do more than last a lifetime! 

1. Augustha Rocaille Mules

If you have been dreaming of what comfort chic actually is when it comes to footwear, these mules in nude-coloured tones perfectly fit the definition. Handcrafted in Portugal, they feature a soft, velvety suede cover all over with a chic-designed oval-shaped bulky midi-heel. That delicate bow on top just gives the ultimate chic touch.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

2. Shilpsutra Electra Peep Toe Sliders

A bit more blingy and shimmery, we love these embellished sliders by Shilpsutra for their shiny moments. They have a nude base embroidered with high-quality metal sequins, glimmer crystals, and beads. Because of their superior comfort and use of the highest quality vegan faux leather, these will be your go-to pair for all things avant-garde. Definitely flaunt them and draw attention in comfort and style.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

3. Melissa Sun Gaspea Sliders

‘Tis the season to wear and dance around with the brightest colours and Melissa’s sliders matches the perfect vibrant moods of summer and even every occasion. The easy slide-in of your toes allows your feet to be free, open back end makes it face of summer. Its leather is formed by a thick single strip that looks chic. Comfortable to wear and easy to throw on with almost any outfit.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

4. Studio Myra H Golden Slippers

Minimalism is taking a new form in this season’s footwear. These sleek sandals would pair up well with anything but basic. We’ve been seeing this pair all overtopped off with golden accents and pretty sure, these have even in your cart. With a subtle shiny hint across, we are loving this extra touch of glam with comfort. Well, this is essential.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

5. Birkenstock X Proenza Schouler Sandals

‘Eclectic, cool and yet sophisticated’ – these would be anyone’s first words when they peek a glimpse into these pair of sliders. Injecting urbanism and iconic designs with its timeless palette of ochre and silver refine the classic sandals. These sandals just breathe a new aura of style and ultimate comfort.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

6. bugatti Platform Sandals

Think chic platforms, not the ugly ones! Ones that will keep your feet at ease but modish. Prepare yourself for summer with these modern rose cross strap platform sandals. With the reptile-skin pattern, a cool branded strap with a golden accent, soft fit memory foam footbed and genial light outsole. With a bit of a platform, they’re ideal for keeping you high on-trend. The super-soft footbed gives you extra grip. Well, it’s sturdy and a muse for your collection.

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

7. Needledust Colourful Mules

Think of a bright, beautiful summer sunset – hues of pink, yellow and blues all over charms your mind away. A bit more playful with colourful appliqués sophisticatedly embellished with glass beads, giving out that subtle, glam lustre that we’re sure you are going to boast if you wear these. The square toe style is unique, contemporary and with the vibrant adornments gives the perfect wardrobe-worthy summer footwear that you were waiting to flaunt!

Summer Footwear : 7 Chic Casual Summer Shoes You Need To Buy

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