Swarovski’s stunning new jewelry collection celebrates the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie in collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC.

As an ode to ‘Wonder Woman’, Swarovski has created a stellar new jewelry collection. In partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, Swarovski has launched the collection globally on August 21, 2020, ahead of the release of Wonder Woman 1984, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 movie Wonder Woman. 

Swarovski Presents Its Latest Collection - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a role model to generations and is a character that personifies the hero within,  in her own unique style! Symbolic of femininity, strength, and determination, Swarovski x Wonder Woman collection brings to life the iconic golden armour and eagle wings through its signature craftsmanship and wants to take this opportunity to celebrate the style, strength, and endurance of many such women across the globe.  

The Fit Wonder Woman Cuff, the versatile Fit Wonder Woman Hoop earrings and the Fit Wonder Woman Necklace flaunt the iconic Swarovski pavé. The collection also features Fit Wonder Woman Double Ring, Fit Wonder Woman Bracelet and Fit Wonder Woman Tassel Earrings. The Wonder Woman logo is present on all the jewelry pieces of the ensemble. 

Swarovski Presents Its Latest Collection - Wonder Woman

This impressive collection is a celebration of strength, style and endurance of women across the globe.

Swarovski Presents Its Latest Collection - Wonder Woman

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